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A hyper-advanced computer core that houses a superhumanlike artificial intelligence. In its isolated state the core is dormant. Installed in a proper support structure, however, it can become a mind of frightening power.  +
How addictive a [[Drugs|drug]] is.  +
Advanced computing and energy-directing machinery, miniaturized and hardened for the most demanding applications.  +
The nose is shaped to the user's desired form, matching prevalent beauty standards and enhancing physical impressions.  +
A sophisticated package of hormonal and mechanite influences shapes the muscles and fat on the body, adding non-functional aesthetic tissue where needed to achieve a desired appearance. The implant can be configured to form various body shapes according to the user's taste - or that of their partner.  +
An enormous purple mushroom. Its size and glowing protrusions make this fungus beautiful to look at. It dies when exposed to light.  +
A large-leafed desert plant with edible flowers and stalks.  +
Raw agave fruit.  +
How long it takes to shoot after choosing a target.  +
A tropical plant. Its extremely broad leaves are a commonly-recognized signifier of tropical forests.  +
"A medium-sized ungulate closely related to the llama, the alpaca is often farmed for its remarkably soft wool. Alpacas have also been used as pack animals since they hauled cargo on the rugged mountain trails of ancient South America."  +
The remarkably soft wool of an alpaca. It is warm, protects well from heat, and fetches a high price.  +
A large beaver-like creature genetically engineered to harvest wood with machine-like efficiency. In the absence of specialized feed, these animals will enter a manic state that compels them to eat trees whole.  +
A soft, rare fruit. Ambrosia tastes wonderful and produces a subtle mood-increasing chemical high. However, if eaten too often, it can generate a mild addiction.  +
A rare wild bush which yields the ambrosia fruit. Ambrosia fruit is delicious and produces a drug-like mood boost. Ambrosia cannot be farmed, which makes wild ambrosia groves very valuable.<br>Its rarity, beauty, and desirability are why ambrosia was named after the food of the ancient Greek gods.  +
An ancient air conditioning machine. Its internals were smashed long ago and what wasn't looted has rusted away in the time since.  +
An ancient, broken car. Everything that isn't rusted away was looted long ago.  +
A traffic management solution from long ago.  +
This cryptosleep casket looks like it has been here for a very long time. Who knows what it might contain?  +
A giant wheel which came off some large vehicle many ages ago. The rubber has disintegrated away and the metal is twisted and rusted.  +