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Mechanoids - Autonomous intelligent robots built for domestic, industrial or military purposes. Only available to advanced cultures because such complex AI is needed to control them.

For the faction of hostile mechanoids, see Mechanoid hive. For information about the Biotech DLC, see Mechanoid creation and Mechanitor.

Mechanoids are deadly autonomously intelligent robots.


Mechanoids are machines. They do not eat, do not feel mood or pain, and are immune to fire, toxicity, and temperature extremes - despite having a Comfortable Temperature range. Enemy mechanoids have no needs at all. As machines, they are vulnerable to EMP attacks, though will "Adapt" for 2,200 ticks (36.67 secs) (regardless of source), making them immune to all further EMP strikes.

Mechanoid Hive

Hostile mechanoids are part of a Mechanoid Hive. They can be found sealed in ancient ruins in all biomes, which spawn inside mountains or outside on the landscape. They may also raid the player's base through events and can also be found in most poison ships, psychic ships, and mech clustersContent added by the Royalty DLC. They may sometimes appear dormant in Ancient Complex and guarding any relic with IdeologyContent added by the Ideology DLC DLC.

Allied Mechanoids

In the Biotech DLCContent added by the Biotech DLC, many more mechanoid types are added. You can create friendly mechanoids by gestating them. A mechanitor with enough bandwidth is required to both create them, and keep mechs from going feral. The Biotech DLC must be active for you to create mechanoids.

These gestated variants require power and have to be recharged, which creates Pollution. Friendly mechanoids can be repaired with power and no other cost. As long as they leave a corpse, friendly mechanoids can be ressurected for a steel cost.

Mechanoid Types

Mechanoid forces are specialized by their unit types, with each unit performing a single role. Basics summaries are available here, see the individual pages for further details and analysis.


  • Scyther - Fast, deadly melee combat mechanoid
  • Pikeman - High range, low-medium damage combat mechanoid
  • Lancer - Fast, medium ranged combat mechanoid with the high damage charge lance
  • Centipede - Slow, crowd-control mechanoid with incredible bulk; 3 possible weapons
  • Termite - Designed to destroy walls with an explosive thump cannon



  • Lifter - Mechanoid designed for hauling.
  • Constructoid - Mechanoid designed for construction.
  • Fabricor - Mechanoid designed for crafting, tailoring, and cooking.
  • Agrihand - Mechanoid designed for plant work.
  • Cleansweeper - Mechanoid designed for cleaning.
  • Paramedic - Mechanoid designed for rescue and tending, with the ability to jump and a firefoam pack.
  • Tunneler - Mechanoid designed for fast mining; comes with a shield, smoke pack, and melee attack


  • Militor - Combat mechanoid, armed with a low-power mini-shotgun. Cheap to gestate and maintain.
  • Scorcher - Combat mechanoid designed to burn enemies
  • Tesseron - Combat mechanoid with sweeping beam graser attack.
  • Legionary - Combat mechanoid with bullet shield and needle launcher.
  • Centurion - Combat mech with a large shield bubble. Has a point-defense charge turret, which can shoot while moving.


  • Diabolus - Ultra-powerful, but slow hellsphere cannon. Otherwise, they have a charge turret and a flame burst ability.
  • War queen - Built-in mech gestaor, creating a mass of war urchins. Equipped with a charge turret otherwise.
    • War urchin - Small mechanoids created by a war queen. They have a finite power supply, and can't be recharged.
  • Apocriton - Resurrects mechanoids and causes mood penalties to colonists.


  • Although all mechanoid-only weapons are 'Spacer' in terms of tech level; the hidden mechanoid faction itself is actually 'Ultra' tech level - one above 'Spacer', and the second highest tech level in the game, below 'Transcendent'.

Version history

  • 0.4.460 - Mechanoid raids added.
  • Biotech DLC - Added many more mechanoids, the ability to create mechanoids, and mechanitor