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Ranged Cooldown Multiplier is a Stat: A multiplier on the cooldown between bursts when using a ranged weapon i.e. a ranged weapon with a cooldown time of 1 second normally will have a cooldown time of 0.5 seconds in the hands of a pawn with a Ranged Cooldown Multiplier stat of 50%. Note that the warm-up time of the weapon is unaffected.

This stat also applies to psycasts Content added by the Royalty DLC, the integrated weapons of grenadier Content added by the Royalty DLC and phoenix armor Content added by the Royalty DLC, and a number of utility items including the orbital bombardment targeter, orbital power beam targeter, psychic shock lance, psychic insanity lance, tornado generator, jump pack Content added by the Royalty DLC and orbital mech cluster targeter.Content added by the Royalty DLC


A pawn's ranged cooldown multiplier has a base value of 100%, but it can be reduced by −20% to 80% if the pawn is wearing a heavy bandolier.

DPS table[edit]

The effect of the reduction in cooldown time on the DPS of ranged weapons depends on each weapon's unique ratio of "Warmup time" and "Cooldown time". For example, a weapon with a short warmup and long cooldown will benefit more from a reduced cooldown time than a weapon with a longer warmup and/or a shorter cooldown, all else being equal.

The table below details the effect of the reduction in cooldown time on the DPS for each pawn-usable, ranged weapon. Note that while single use weapons such as the doomsday rocket launcher do benefit from the decreased cooldown time, their single-use nature makes comparing DPS in this way nonsensical and they are thus excluded.

Weapon DPS
(100% Ranged Cooldown Time)
(80% Ranged Cooldown Time)
Assault rifle Assault rifle 100% 113%
Autocannon Autocannon 100% 121%
Autopistol Autopistol 100% 118%
Bolt-action rifle Bolt-action rifle 100% 110%
Chain shotgun Chain shotgun 100% 110%
Charge lance Charge lance 100% 114%
Charge rifle Charge rifle 100% 113%
EMP grenades EMP grenades 100% 115%
EMP launcher EMP launcher 100% 111%
Frag grenades Frag grenades 100% 115%
Greatbow Greatbow 100% 109%
Heavy SMG Heavy SMG 100% 113%
Incendiary launcher Incendiary launcher 100% 111%
LMG LMG 100% 109%
Machine pistol Machine pistol 100% 112%
Mini-turret gun Mini-turret gun 100% 124%
Minigun Minigun 100% 107%
Molotov cocktails Molotov cocktails 100% 115%
Pila Pila 100% 111%
Pump shotgun Pump shotgun 100% 113%
Recurve bow Recurve bow 100% 112%
Revolver Revolver 100% 120%
Short bow Short bow 100% 112%
Smoke launcher Smoke launcher 100% 111%
Sniper rifle Sniper rifle 100% 109%
Flamebow Flamebow Content added by the Biotech DLC 100% 112%

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