Toxic Environment Resistance

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Toxic Environment Resistance is a stat: How resistant this creature is to the effects of environmental toxins. This protects against tox gas, rot stink, toxic fallout, and polluted terrain, but not against direct attacks with venom or injected poison. When this value is higher, exposure to pollution produces proportionally less toxic buildup in the body. Its minimum allowed value is 0%. Its default value is 0%.

Thus, a pawn with a 50% toxic environment resistance would take half the toxic buildup severity increase tox gas or half the rot stink severity from corpses, but would take all the toxic build-up from a cobra's bite. A pawn with 50% Toxic Resistance would instead take half the toxic buildup from both the tox gas and the cobra's bite, but would take all the rot stink severity.

Humans and most creatures have a base value of 0% resistance. The following exceptions apply:

Note that this is in addition to any toxic resistance they may have.

Also note that many references to the resistance are keyed to the Biotech DLC being present, despite the stat being defined in Core. It is currently unclear what the effect of this is.



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