Global Learning Factor

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Global Learning Factor is a stat: Global learning efficiency for all skills. Global learning factor is a direct multiplier on the experience gained for skills.

To calculate this value, the game applies any factors to the sum of all offsets and the base 100%. As such, a pawn with the Slow Study gene and the Fast Learner trait has a Global Learning Factor of less than 100%.

Global Learning Factor is only one part of skill XP growth, along with the Passion Multiplier and the base XP from a pawn's action. The base XP is multiplied by both Global Learning Factor and the Passion Multiplier. Because they are multiplicative, even the highest Global Learning Factor, 270%, cannot overcome the multiplier from a lack of passion, 35%, leaving such a pawn learning that skill slightly slower (94% of base XP gained) than a pawn with a base global learning factor and a single passion in the skill (100% of base XP gained).

The global learning factor does not affect the speed in which children fill their Learning need. For that, see the Learning Rate Factor stat



These values act as offsets to Global Learning Factor. That is they are added to the base value of 100%. For example, a pawn with the Fast Learner trait and a Learning Assistant implant has a final Global Learning Factor of 195%.