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A refined powdery preparation of the psychite drug. When snorted, it produces a rapid euphoric high, dramatically reduces the user's need for rest, and suppresses pain. Like all forms of psychite, it is addictive, though it is not as addictive as the cruder flake.
Because of its high cost and refined appearance, many cultures associate yayo with degenerate wealth. Whether in the throneroom or the boardroom, many hare-brained policy schemes have been developed during yayo-fueled binge parties.

Base Stats

DrugHard Drug
Tech Level
Market Value
21 Silver
Stack Limit
0.05 kg
Deterioration Rate
Path Cost


Recreation Offset
Recreation Kind
Maximum To Ingest
Ingestion Time
150 ticks (2.5 secs)


Crafted At
Drug lab
Required Research
Psychite refining
Work To Make
350 ticks (5.83 secs)
Work Speed Stat
Drug Synthesis Speed
Resources to make
Psychoid leaves 8
Food Preference
Drug Category
Is Pleasure Drug
Bulk Product Amount

Yayo is a potent mood enhancing hard drug that significantly improves the mood of a pawn and provides additional bonuses, at the risk of addiction and overdose. It is also used in the manufacturing of go-juice.


Yayo can be synthesized at a Drug lab once the Psychite refining research project has been completed. Each dose requires Psychoid leaves 8 Psychoid leaves and 350 ticks (5.83 secs) of work. Its synthesis speed is dependent on the intellectual skill.

It can also be found on raiders and purchased.


  • Product Ingredients Type [ExpandCollapse]
    Go-juice Go-juice Neutroamine 2 + Yayo 1 Drug - Hard Drug
  • Summary[edit]

    Yayo is a highly potent mood enhancing drug that has a variety of effects. These can be broken into effects that occur:

    • Instantaneously and one time upon using the drug.
    • While high on the drug.
    • While having a built-up tolerance to the drug.
    • While addicted to the drug.
    • While withdrawing from the drug.

    Note that psychite tolerance, addiction and withdrawal are shared by psychite tea, flake and yayo.

    Upon snorting[edit]

    A pawn taking yayo will do so right where it stands without looking for a place to sit first. Yayo is taken nasally, taking 150 ticks (2.5 secs). It has the following one time effects:

    • +80% Chemical recreation
    • If the pawn has the chemical interest or chemical fascination trait:
    • +40% Rest
    • 1% Chance for a major overdose
    • +18% to +35% Overdose severity (same across all hard drugs)
    • +18.75% to +75% Yayo high severity, depending on tolerance (see "Yayo high" below)
    • +4% Psychite tolerance severity, divided by body size (see "Psychite tolerance" below)
    • 1% Psychite addiction chance (see "Psychite addiction" below)
    • If the pawn has an addiction already:
      • +90% Psychite need (see "Psychite addiction" below)
      • −20% Addiction progress (see "Psychite withdrawal" below)

    Yayo high[edit]

    "Active yayo in the bloodstream. Generates an intense euphoric high."

    — High on yayo description

    Each yayo increases the yayo high severity by the following formula:

    Increase in severity = 0.75 * (100 - (tolerance * 75 round 0))

    Therefore with 0% tolerance the severity increases by 75%, with 100% tolerance by 18.75%. It decreases by 150% per day again, meaning that the high of a single dose lasts between 3 and 12 hours. The maximum severity of a yayo high is 100% which is reached with 1.3 to 5.3 yayo. Regardless of the yayo high severity, the effects are always the same. Only their duration changes accordingly:

    Without any tolerance, a dose of yayo will last for 12 hours.

    Psychite tolerance[edit]

    "A built-up tolerance to psychite. The more severe this tolerance is, the more psychite-based drugs like yayo or flake it takes to get the same effect."

    — Tolerance description

    Each Yayo consumed increases the psychite tolerance of the pawn by the following formula:

    Increase in tolerance = 4% / body size

    Thus smaller or not fully grown pawns gain more tolerance per drug use then bigger or fully grown ones. An adult human has a body size of 1. Psychite tolerance decreases at a rate of 1.5% per day.

    See sections "Yayo high" and "Psychite addiction" for how psychite tolerance affects Yayo high severity and psychite addiction chance respectively.

    If the psychite tolerance is above a certain thresholds it imposes a chance over time to gain the following ailment:

    • Chemical damage (severe) Tolerance above 45% imposes a chance proportional to the tolerance held to get chemical damage (severe). Chemical damage (severe) gained this way will affect only kidneys and only one kidney at a time.
      Tolerance Chemical damage (severe)
      average interval
      45% 99999 Days
      50% 180 Days
      100% 135 Days

    Psychite addiction[edit]

    "A chemical addiction to psychite. Long-term presence of psychite has caused neurological adaptations at the cellular level, so the brain can no longer function properly without the drug. Without regular doses of psychite from drugs like flake or yayo, withdrawal symptoms will begin. However, extended abstinence will force the brain to adapt back to its normal state, resolving the addiction."

    — Addiction description

    Each dose of Yayo carries a 1% chance of a psychite addiction regardless of tolerance. There is therefore no safe dose interval.

    The addiction progresses by 3.33% per day from the initial 50%. Once it reaches 100% the addiction is healed, meaning it takes about 15 days to overcome the addiction. Consuming Yayo during a psychite addiction will reduce the addiction progress by 20% again (see "Upon snorting" above).

    Developing a psychite addiction has the following one time effect:

    Developing an addiction also means a pawn has a psychite need. The need for psychite falls by 50% per day, consuming psychite satisfies the need by 90% (see "Upon snorting" above), meaning the pawn will need to consume Yayo at least every 1.8 days to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

    Psychite withdrawal[edit]

    "Because of a psychite addiction, this person needs to regularly consume the drug to avoid withdrawal symptoms."

    — Need description

    As soon as the psychite need reaches 0%, the pawn suffers from the following withdrawal symptoms:


    Yayo is one of three drugs that can be produced from psychoid leaves, the others being flake and psychite tea. Yayo can also be further refined into go-juice with the addition of 2 neutroamine. As a rough guideline, yayo is for using, and flake is for selling.


    As a mood control drug, yayo is generally superior to flake. Yayo is safer: it has a much lower addiction chance (1% vs 5%), a lower major overdose chance (1% vs 1.5%), and each unit of yayo lasts twice as long as flake, meaning there are less chances to overdose/become addicted. They both give +35 mood and x50% pain, but yayo also gives +15% Moving. Flake's only real advantages as a taken drug are 1. the increased chemical Recreation per leaf, and 2. flake's smaller discrete doses. Yayo is worth two flake and each high lasts twice as long, but it has to be taken all at once. You can "split up" flake for 2 separate mood emergencies.

    Psychite tea only gives +12 mood and ×80% Sleep Fall Rate, but is considerably safer than both flake and yayo. Adults can safely drink tea once every 2 days without getting addicted. This makes tea far more useful for regular use. However, all 3 psychite drugs contribute towards the same tolerance, so tea's safe usage interval does not apply if a colonist has used flake or yayo. Yayo is more appropriate for mood emergencies, or as an ersatz combat drug if go-juice isn't available. In absolute emergencies, you can take yayo, flake, and psychite tea simultaneously for a +82 mood buff.

    For the Psychite dependency gene,Content added by the Biotech DLC addiction and major overdoses are non-factors. As psychite tea provides less mood and rest, it is inferior to both flake and yayo. Yayo is more expensive to produce than flake, but satisfies the same dependency for the same time. If producing psychoid isn't an issue, then yayo can be helpful for the increase to Moving.

    Drug comparison table[edit]

    Drug Mood buff Moving Pain Tiredness Consciousness Sight Global working speed
    Yayo +35 +15% ×50% ×33% - - -
    Flake +35 - ×50% ×33% - - -
    Go juice +5 +50% ×10% - +20% +35% -
    Wake-up - +10% - ×80% +10% - +50%


    On the market, yayo is worth 50% more silver than flake, with a 20% increase in the Work To Make and a 100% increase in ingredient cost. Flake gives 33% more silver per leaf for only 7% more work.

    Specifically, yayo will sell for Silver 2.625 silver per leaf, and flake will sell for Silver 3.5 silver per leaf.

    If the work required to create drugs is a bottleneck, then flake remains more efficient when you sell the remaining leaves raw. For example, a pawn requires 35,000 ticks (9.72 mins) of work and 800 psychoid leaves to synthesize 100 yayo worth Silver 2100. With the same amount of work, a pawn could use 560 leaves to craft 140 flake worth Silver 1960. The remaining 240 psychoid leaves are worth Silver 456, for a total of Silver 2416. However, psychoid leaves will eventually rot away without refrigeration, and fewer traders accept raw leaves. Therefore, if long term refrigeration is an issue, then yayo may be necessary.

    If caravan weight is a limiting factor, yayo is worth more proportional to mass, however the low weight of all the options means this is unlikely to be relevant as a single muffalo can carry almost 20 stacks of flake worth over 20,000 silver.

    Note that the third possible product for psychoid leaves, psychite tea, is economically inferior to both yayo and flake. Its primary advantage instead lies in ease and safety of use by colonists. It is produced at a campfire or stove with the Cooking skill and requires only the Psychoid Brewing research, and thus may be a more accessible in the early game. And being a social drug, it has a safe dose interval (of 2 days in an adult) and no possibility of overdose.


    • Yayo is slang for Cocaine in Spanish derived from Santiago Luis Polanco Rodriguez, but it's more commonly known from the quote "Chichi, get the Yayo" from Scarface (1983).[1]


    Version history[edit]

    • 0.15.1279 - Added.
    • 1.2.2719 - Reduced yayo new addiction chance from 10% to 1%, and removed the min tolerance to addict.