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A drug for preventing diseases from starting. Blocks malaria, sleeping sickness, and plague. Take every five days. Note: This drug does nothing to cure existing infections - it only prevents new ones.

DrugMedical Drug
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Penoxycyline blocks malaria, sleeping sickness and plague. Take every five days.


Penoxycyline can either be crafted at a drug lab (however skill points progress is attributed to Intellectual) or purchased from traders.



Administering Penoxycyline provides true immunity against diseases over its duration, preventing the protected pawn from catching the protected diseases. It does nothing to stop a disease that has started and is already in progress. Since diseases have a hidden latent stage, taking penoxycyline during this stage still results in a full-blown infection.

While the description says to take every five days, the effect actually lasts for around 5.556 days, giving you some time to take the pills without receiving an illness during the downtime of the effect (if administered every 5 days).

Penoxycyline is not addictive and proper usage does not result in other consequences.


  • Penoxycyline can contribute to overdose, increasing severity by 0.08-0.14; overdose due to this is uncommon, however, and you will either have to take a few other drugs beforehand, or binge on Penoxycyline.

Version history

  • Prior to Alpha 16, it was known as "Malari-Block" which only blocked malaria and was crafted with 5 neutroamine.
  • In Alpha 17 its cost is further reduced from 3 to 2 neutroamine. It also received an overhaul, such that instead of instantly boosting disease immunity to 61%, it now provides true immunity and cannot reactively increase immunity against a disease that is already in progress.