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A synthetic precursor chemical. Useless on its own, many drugs require neutroamine as an ingredient.

Base Stats

Crafted resources
Market Value
Stack Limit
0.02 kg
Deterioration Rate
Path Cost

Neutroamine is an item that cannot be crafted and must be sourced externally. It can be combined with herbal medicine and cloth to create standard medicine, or synthesize various drugs with it at a drug lab, such as Penoxycyline and wake-up.


Neutroamine cannot be crafted, instead the primary source is trade with orbital traders and Outlander settlements and caravans.

Alternatively, it can also be acquired, albeit unreliably, through:

  • Looting raiders that attack your colony
  • Raiding other faction bases
  • Cargo pod event


Neutroamine is used in the following crafting recipes:

  • Product Ingredients Type [ExpandCollapse]
    Go-juice Go-juice Neutroamine 2 + Yayo 1 Drug - Hard Drug
    Wake-up Wake-up Neutroamine 2 Drug - Hard Drug
    Penoxycyline Penoxycyline Neutroamine 2 Drug - Medical Drug
    Medicine Medicine Cloth 3 + Herbal medicine 1 + Neutroamine 1 Medical Items - Medicine
    Voidsight serum Voidsight serum Content added by the Anomaly DLC Neutroamine 2 + Bioferrite 10 Drug - Serum
  • Neutroamine will deteriorate when left outside.


    Neutroamine has only one use, to be used in crafting.

    • Go-juice requires 2 neutroamines and 1 yayo. Neutroamines cost 12 silver and yayo costs 21, making the total cost 33, while go-juice costs 51.
    • Wake-up requires 2 neutroamines, costing 12 silver, while wake-up costs 35.
    • Medicine requires 3 cloth, 1 herbal medicine, and 1 neutroamine. Materials cost 4.5 + 10 + 8 = 22.5 silver, while medicine costs 18, meaning this recipe loses money.
    • Penoxycyline requires 2 neutroamines, costing 12 silver, while penoxycyline costs 18.

    The medicine recipe loses money. Even if cloth and herbal medicine are grown rather than purchased, a proper comparison is the cost of buying 1 medicine and selling 3 cloth and 1 herbal medicine vs buying 2 neutroamine. Assuming no negotiator bonus, that works out to 16.5 silver vs 16.8. It might, however, be useful if quality medicine is needed urgently.

    Penoxycyline is better crafted than purchased, working out to 25.2 silver vs 16.8 with no negotiator bonus.

    Wake-up requires the same materials and costs more. Not only is it more efficient to craft than purchase, even with no negotiator bonus it can be sold for 21 silver, using 16.8 silver worth of neutroamine. This makes it possible to buy neutroamine to craft it into wake-up for sale.

    Crafting go-juice is better than buying it directly, even if you have to purchase yayo. In terms of crafting for profit, however, it's better to sell yayo and craft wake-up (21 + 35 = 56 base price).


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