Muscle parasites

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Muscle parasites are a parasitic disease hampering the muscles, decreasing their effectiveness. The disease does not kill the patient.



Muscle parasites do not increase in severity over time, nor are they cured over time. Direct treatment is the primary way to cure it.


Muscle parasites will be cured when the treatments performed on it reach a cumulative quality of 300%, thus it is important to maximize the Medical Tend Quality of the Doctor performing the tending and the quality of the medicine used. It takes 48 ingame hours (2 days, 120,000 ticks (33.33 mins)) between each treatment. For example, the disease can be treated with 3 treatments at 100% quality, or 5 at 60%, or 1 at 130% plus 2 at 85%.

Other Treatments[edit]


In real life, humans can become infected by eating infected pork, or wild carnivores such as fox, cat, or bear.

Unlike in-game, muscle parasites can kill in real life.

Version history[edit]

Prior to Beta 19, muscle parasites always required 5 treatments regardless of quality.