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A reserve of biological strength which can be gained and spent in a variety of ways. Hemogen can be increased by bloodfeeding from a human or consuming hemogen packs. You can obtain hemogen packs using the 'extract hemogen pack' medical operation on a non-hemogenic human. If hemogen reaches zero, [they] will become very unhappy.

— Hemogen description

Hemogen is a measure of the need and reserves of hemogenic pawns to fuel their bodies and abilities.

Hemogen total[edit]

Hemogen gizmo showing a hemogen value of 88, maximum of 100, a target hemogen of 90, and hemogen pack consumption allowed

A pawn's current hemogen total and their maximum hemogen is displayed in a gizmo to the right of their info pane when the pawn is selected. Note that it will not appear when multiple pawns are selected, even if they all have a hemogen need. The current hemogen total can be increased by consuming hemogen as detailed below, and is reduced through daily decay and use of abilities. The maximum hemogen is the cap on how much hemogen a pawn can hold. Any hemogen consumed that would put the total over this value is wasted. By default the maximum is 100 but pawns that can deathrest can increase it through the use hemopumps at at a rate of +25 per pump.

The gizmo also allows the selection of target value by left clicking on the bar, displayed as a white line over the bar [Change with max change?]- the pawn will then automatically attempt to consume hemogen packs or bloodfeed from prisoners designated for bloodfeeding to reach that value [Reach or exceed?][Frequency?][Priorities?] The use of hemogen packs can be toggled on or off by clicking the Hemogen pack icon, with a Check.png indicating that the pawn will consume packs to reach their target, while a Ex.png indicates that they will not.


Hemogen loss[edit]

Hemogen is lost through 3 methods.

  • Decay - where a certain amount of hemogen is lost per day
  • Abilities - where a certain amount of hemogen is consumed to perform an specific task, and which cannot be performed without the requisite hemogen
  • Entering into a regenerative coma from the Deathless gene while having the Deathrest gene[Without Deathrest?] - where any remaining hemogen is lost, but none is required to place the pawn in the coma in the first place.


Pawns with the hemogenic gene decay at -2 per day.

Pawns with the hemogen drain gene decay at an addition -8 per day, for a total of -10 per day.

While the rates are known, it is currently unknown when or in what quantity this decrement occurs.[Detail]


Ability Hemogen
Gene Bloodfeeder.png Bloodfeed +20
Gene Coagulate.png Coagulate −20
Longjump.png Longjump −5
PiercingSpine.png Piercing spine −20

Hemogen craving[edit]

Due to a lack of hemogen, this person's body is breaking down hemogen reserves in their bone marrow. This causes disorientation and a painful craving for human blood.

— Description

When a hemogenic pawns hemogen reserves hit 0, they begin having a craving for hemogen. This craving inflicts increasingly severe mood, pain, and consciousness penalties. Once hemogen is over 0, the severity of the craving gradually decays until it disappears.

While a pawn hemogen value is 0, their hemogen craving severity at a rate of +5% per hour. While the rate is known, it is currently unknown when or in what increment this severity increase occurs.[Detail]

So long as hemogen is above 0, hemogen craving severity reduces at a rate of −10% per hour. Hemogen craving does not accelerate hemogen decay like malnutrition does for saturation.

Label Severity Time from 0 Hemogen Time to 0%
Severity (Upper)
Mood Pain Consciousness
Minor >0% and ≤34% ticks (0 in-game hours) 8,750 ticks (3.5 in-game hours) −10 − 5% 90% Max
Moderate ≥35% and ≤69% 17,500 ticks (7 in-game hours) 17,500 ticks (7 in-game hours) −15 −10% 80% Max
Major ≥70% and ≤100% 35,000 ticks (14 in-game hours) 50,000 ticks (20 in-game hours) −20 −15% 50% Max

Note: Mood penalty does not include the penalty from pain.



Version history[edit]

  • Biotech DLC Release - Introduced.
  • 1.4.3529 - Fix: Giving a pawn xeno and germline hemogenic genes results in two hemogen gizmos.
  • 1.4.3530 - Added a toggle to the hemogen gizmo which allows configuration of whether or not a pawn can ingest hemogen packs to satisfy the desired hemogen level.
  • 1.4.3531 - Fix: AI sanguophages can use longjump without any remaining hemogen. Fix: Some hemogenic abilities can be queued without enough hemogen.
  • 1.4.3541 - Fix: Victims of bloodfeeder bites can gain hemogen from the interaction. Fix: Consume hemogen packs toggle tooltip displays hemogen in % form.
  • 1.4.3542 - Fix: Coagulate can still be queued if hemogen is below casting cost.
  • 1.4.3555 - Hemogen UI gizmo no longer displays when multi-selecting pawns, to reduce clutter. Fix: Bloodfeeders sometimes do not ingest all taken hemogen packs, depending on food need level. Added a toggle to the hemogen gizmo which allows configuration of whether or not a pawn can ingest hemogen packs to desired hemogen level - Note this is essentially a duplicate of the change from 1.4.3530, it is currently unclear whether this is an error, whether there is a difference, or whether the change was reverted and re-added latter. Fix: Bloodfeed can be used on pawns in mental states.