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Previous Version: Version/0.0.250
Released on: 4 November 2013
Next Version: Version/0.1.334
Released on: 27 January 2014

Released on: 7 November 2013



  • Abolished cycles - dates are measured in days only.
  • Walls now short circuit as well as Power conduits.
  • Blasting charges cost more.
  • Rebalanced Cassandra’s raiders to not send advanced enemies too early, and to pace them a bit slower.

New content[edit]

  • Added warning popup for loading old saves with new versions. This is not supported.
  • Added Chill Callie Classic storyteller, the more relaxed version of Cassandra.
  • Added a toggle to run the game even when the window isn't focused.

Bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a number of serious issues, including roofs not building over large indoor constructions, crashes on building at the edge of the map, wardens convincing prisoners endlessly, and landing pods destroying designated areas.
  • Fixed a serious bug in Cassandra which was blocking events at high populations.
  • Attempted to fix the black screen bug