Eltex skullcap

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Eltex skullcap

Eltex skullcap

A tight skullcap designed for psychic focusing. It provides no physical protection, but its special materials enhance the wearer's psychic sensitivity and dissipate neural heat.

Base Stats

Market Value
500 Silver.png
0.8 kg


Insulation - Cold
Insulation - Heat
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Head, Left Ear, Right Ear

Introduced by the Royalty DLC, the Eltex skullcap allows psychic pawns to be more effective, improving the strength and cooldown of their Psycasts.


This item cannot be crafted but only purchased through trade or received as a quest reward.


Offering no protection, no insulation, and low HP, the eltex skullcap is obviously neither a frontline helmet nor utility clothing. Instead it is exclusively focused on one task - buffing a psycaster. It offers the second largest buff to Psychic Sensitivity of any item, beaten only by the Eltex staff, and the second largest buff to Neural heat recovery rate, second only to persona weapons with the Neural Cooling trait. On a pawn with maximum psylink, the gain to neural heat maximum is significant. A legendary skullcap offers enough additional neural heat capacity enough to entirely absorb the heat gain or of six casts of the 1st level Burden, or one cast of the 5th level Invisibility, while also offering faster regeneration.

However, in exchange it leaves the wearer's head completely unprotected. Loss of the head is obviously fatal, damage to the eyes significantly impairs effectiveness and damage to the brain is permanent and devastating even when not fatal. Care must be taken to keep the wearer out of harms way and if possible, a shield belt is recommended.

Compared to the Eltex helmet the skullcap is essentially a complete upgrade. While the helmet does offer some armor and some insulation, it is so little that the armor piercing of almost all weapons in the game is sufficient to completely invalidate it, while the insulation gain is negligible. With effectively nothing to gain in return, there is little reason to choose the inferior buffs to psychic abilities that the helmet offers.

Compared to prestige power helmets, the skullcap offers significantly better psychic buffs, while the helmets offer significant protection up to and including the best available in-game. Thus, the role of the particular psycaster is the determining factor, with a front-line psycasting fighter preferring the prestige helmets, while the support-oriented psycaster will prefer the skullcap.

Eltex skullcaps also appease the headwear requirements of all nobles.

An eltex skullcap improves a pawn's base neural heat recovery rate by 0.091 heat per second, though this will be modified by their psylink level, and increases their Psychic Sensitivity by an amount dependent on the quality.

Quality Table

  • Quality Sharp Blunt Heat Item HP Insulation - Cold Insulation - Heat Market Value
    Awful Eltex skullcap 0% 0% 0% 80 -0°C +0°C 250 Silver
    Poor Eltex skullcap 0% 0% 0% 80 -0°C +0°C 375 Silver
    Normal Eltex skullcap 0% 0% 0% 80 -0°C +0°C 500 Silver
    Good Eltex skullcap 0% 0% 0% 80 -0°C +0°C 625 Silver
    Excellent Eltex skullcap 0% 0% 0% 80 -0°C +0°C 750 Silver
    Masterwork Eltex skullcap 0% 0% 0% 80 -0°C +0°C 1250 Silver
    Legendary Eltex skullcap 0% 0% 0% 80 -0°C +0°C 2500 Silver

    For the full effects of qualities, see Quality.

  • Quality Awful Poor Normal Good Excellent Masterwork Legendary
    Psychic Sensitivity +20% +26% +33% +40% +46% +53% +60%
    Neural Heat Limit [Lvl] +16 +21 +27 +32 +37 +42 +48
    Base Neural Heat Recovery Rate +0.091/s +0.091/s +0.091/s +0.091/s +0.091/s +0.091/s +0.091/s
    Effective Neural Heat Recovery Rate [Lvl] +0.148/s +0.148/s +0.148/s +0.148/s +0.148/s +0.148/s +0.148/s
  • ^Lvl Assuming Psylink level 6

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