Marine helmet

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Marine helmet

Marine helmet

A marine armor helmet, with a built-in status computer and layered plasteel-weave plates. Armor like this is often used by rapid-incursion space marines.

Base Stats

Market Value
635 Silver.png
1.5 kg


Insulation - Cold
Insulation - Heat
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Head, Left Ear, Right Ear, Left Eye, Right Eye, Nose, Jaw


Crafted At
Component assembly bench.png
Required Research
Marine Armor
Skill Required
Crafting 7
Work To Make
21,000 ticks (5.83 mins)
Resources to make
Plasteel.png 40 + Advanced component.png 1

A Marine helmet is a full-head power armor helmet that forms a full set along with the Marine armor.


As a complicated piece of technology, Marine Helmets can only be made at the Fabrication bench and requires Marine Armor to be researched in order to be constructed. Crafting the helmet requires Plasteel 40 plasteel and Advanced component 1 advanced component.

Alternatively, the helmet can be received as a quest reward, purchased from traders, or found on Raiders.


Marine helmets are the middle tier of the three power armored helmets, the other two being the Recon helmet and the Cataphract helmet. As expected, they're also the middle tier in expense and protection as well. While they have the same full head coverage, the marine helmet is roughly equivalent to a Recon Helmet of one quality level above (e.g. a Normal Marine Helmet ~= Good Recon Helmet), or a cataphract helmet one quality levels below.

Like the Recon helmet, the marine helmet is almost totally superior to the non-power armored helmets like the Simple and Flak helmet. It offers superior coverage, covering the face as well as the head, has significantly higher armor ratings for the the same quality, and requires 10 less plasteel to construct, however it does require a relatively rare advanced component instead of two of the more common components.

Quality Table

  • Quality Sharp Blunt Heat Item HP Insulation - Cold Insulation - Heat Market Value
    Awful Marine helmet 63.6% 27% 32.4% 160 -3.2°C +1.6°C 315 Silver
    Poor Marine helmet 84.8% 36% 43.2% 160 -3.6°C +1.8°C 475 Silver
    Normal Marine helmet 106% 45% 54% 160 -4°C +2°C 635 Silver
    Good Marine helmet 121.9% 51.75% 62.1% 160 -4.4°C +2.2°C 795 Silver
    Excellent Marine helmet 137.8% 58.5% 70.2% 160 -4.8°C +2.4°C 950 Silver
    Masterwork Marine helmet 153.7% 65.25% 78.3% 160 -6°C +3°C 1585 Silver
    Legendary Marine helmet 190.8% 81% 97.2% 160 -7.2°C +3.6°C 3175 Silver

    For the full effects of qualities, see Quality.

  • Styles

    Ideoligions allow the selection of styles which then change the texture of the certain items and buildings when constructed by the colony. These style variants can be crafted if the colony has the selected style, or can be looted from raiders from factions with the requisite style.

    Version history

    • 0.19/1.0 - it received a recipe change and a rename from 'Power armor' to 'Marine armor'.
    • 1.1 - Received a buff to sharp protection (100% --> 106%) and blunt protection (36% --> 45%) and a nerf to heat protection (90% --> 54%).
    • 1.1.2647 - No longer meets the clothing requirement of nobles, replaced in that role by Prestige marine helmet
    • 1.3.? - description changed to fix the lore inconsistency as Imperial Janissaries Content added by the Royalty DLC don't wear the helmet. "Armor like this is often used by imperial janissaries and rapid-incursion space marines." -> "Armor like this is often used by rapid-incursion space marines.".

    See Also

    • Prestige marine helmet - a variant of the marine helmet that both pleases nobles and improves psychic ability.