Integrator headset

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Integrator headset

Integrator headset

An advanced head-mounted computer and signaling array that dramatically enhances a mechanitor's control bandwidth. This allows the wearer to control many more mechanoids at once.

Base Stats

Tech Level
Market Value
2435 Silver [Note]
1 kg


Insulation - Cold
°C (0 °F)
Insulation - Heat
°C (0 °F)
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Clothing For Nudity
Head, Left Ear, Right Ear


Crafted At
Fabrication bench
Required Research
High mechtech
Skill Required
Crafting 6
Work To Make
15,750 ticks (4.38 mins)
Resources to make
Plasteel 50 + Component 4 + Advanced component 4 + Powerfocus chip 1
Has Quality

The integrator headset is a piece of apparel added by the Biotech DLC that increases the bandwidth of mechanitors.


Integrator headsets can be crafted at a fabrication bench once the high mechtech research project has been completed. Each requires Plasteel 50 Plasteel, Component 4 Components, Advanced component 4 Advanced components, Powerfocus chip 1 Powerfocus chip, 15,750 ticks (4.38 mins) of work modified by the general labor speed of the crafter, and a crafting skill of 6.


The integrator headset increases a mechanitor's bandwidth by +9. This increase is not affected by quality, though the usual apparel stats are affected as normal.

The integrator headset does not count as clothing for pawns with the nudist trait or with pro-nudity ideoligions.Content added by the Ideology DLCDespite this, it does still count as clothing coverage for pawns who prefer not being naked


A single Integrator headset costs 1 Powerfocus chip to craft whilst offering +9 bandwidth. Compared to the previous 'tier' of Mechanitor apparel, it is a straight upgrade to the +6 offered by the Array headset and the Mechcommander helmet, but comes with the additional cost of said Powerfocus chip.

Looking into the future development of a colony, a Mechlord suit requires 2 Powerfocus chips and offers a total of +12 bandwidth, but also requires Nano structuring chips, which are even harder to come by. The headset is already a better economical choice in terms of Powerfocus chips alone (1 chip for 9 bandwidth on the headset vs. 1 chip for 6 bandwidth on the suit). However, since the total amount of Mechanitors and Mechlinks in the colony is likely a bigger limiting factor than the supply of chips, the colony will likely upgrade to Mechlord suits eventually.

As headgear, the Integrator headset is a exclusive apparel item, meaning a pawn can only wear one headgear item at a time. Mechlord helmets are a strictly superior piece of headgear, offering +12 bandwidth. But they are also much more expensive, requiring Nano structuring chips as well. Additional debuffs to combat abilities apply, too. As with the Mechlord suit, a endgame colony will likely choose the helmet over the headset eventually.

The only stats that are meaningfully affected by quality are the deterioration rate and market value, thus there is no benefit and significant detriment to higher quality headsets. Since the headset does not provide any armor that could scale with quality, there is also no increased protection for any other items worn on lower layers by a pawn. In fact, since only one headgear can be worn at a time, there can be no other items to protect.

Stats table

  • Integrator headset Integrator headset Sharp Blunt Heat HP Insulation
    - Cold
    - Heat
    Market Value
    Awful 0% 0% 0% 120 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 1215 Silver
    Poor 0% 0% 0% 120 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 1825 Silver
    Normal 0% 0% 0% 120 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 2435 Silver
    Good 0% 0% 0% 120 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 2935 Silver
    Excellent 0% 0% 0% 120 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 3435 Silver
    Masterwork 0% 0% 0% 120 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 4435 Silver
    Legendary 0% 0% 0% 120 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 5435 Silver

    For the full effects of qualities, see Quality.

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