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A crown of metal with an elaborate design.

Base Stats

Tech Level
0.9 kg


Insulation Factor - Cold
Insulation Factor - Heat
Armor Factor - Sharp
Armor Factor - Blunt
Armor Factor - Heat
Head, Left Ear, Right Ear


Crafted At
Fueled smithy / Electric smithy
Required Research
Royal apparel
Work To Make
12,000 ticks (3.33 mins)
Stuff tags
Resources to make
Stuff 75
Royal, RoyalTier6

The Crown is a clothing item added in the Royalty DLC. It provides a +20% increase to Social Impact, but despite its similarity to other headwear and seeming place in the progression, no nobles can wear the crown.


As a complicated garment, Crowns require Royal Apparel in order to be crafted, however they can only be made at Fueled smithy or Electric smithy which require Smithing to be constructed. A Crown requires 75 of any metal except uranium, and 12,000 ticks (3.33 mins) of work.

Crown can also be purchased or found on nobles.


A crown offers a +20% increase to Social Impact. Note: Social impact predominately affects the Opinion bonuses and maluses pawn interactions can create, the success chance of SpeechesContent added by the Royalty DLC and some rituals.Content added by the Ideology DLC It does NOT affect trade prices, as that is instead dependent on Trade Price Improvement. Nor does it affect prisoner recruitment, beyond slightly hastening how quickly the prisoners like the warden, as that is instead dependent on Negotiation Ability.

When worn by a slaveContent added by the Ideology DLC, a crown increases the rate that suppression is lost by 30% per day. This stacks additively with all other forms of suppression loss rate offsets.


Crowns are a luxurious headgear that offers a significant boost to social impact (+20%), but provides no armor or insulation. Although the social impact bonus is larger than that of the Bowler hat, this bonus is also met by the Top hat and Ladies hat which also provide some small amount of insulation and armor. As such they should be replaced by other options as soon as possible.

Oddly, while able to be crafted and equipped, it doesn't fulfill the requirements of any title requirement, including those ranks only achievable by NPCs.

Material table

  • Material Sharp Blunt Heat Item HP Insulation - Cold Insulation - Heat Market Value
    Golden Crown 0% 0% 0% 48 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 7540 Silver
    Plasteel Crown 0% 0% 0% 224 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 770 Silver
    Silver Crown 0% 0% 0% 56 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 795 Silver
    Steel Crown 0% 0% 0% 80 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 186 Silver
    Uranium Crown 0% 0% 0% 200 -0 °C (0 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 530 Silver

    Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.
  • Potential bug

    It is currently unknown if the lack of utilization of the crown is intended or not. There is some evidence towards it being a bug however:

    1. NPC Dukes and Consuls all spawn with the coronet but the ranks themselves require the stellic crown. This leads to the default gear of these nobles causing them to have a mood penalty. No matter which of the three types of headwear they are intended to wear, this is clearly improperly implemented.
    2. The crown's position as a middle ground between in cost between the coronet and the stellic crown, which implies it is intended to occupy the space between the two ranks.
    3. The crown's tag of royalTier6 compared to the coronet's royalTier5 and the stellic crown's royalTier7 further cements that its intended to be between the two ranks.