Mechlord suit

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Mechlord suit

Mechlord suit

A power-assisted armor suit packed with mechanitor-assistance gear. The mechlord suit dramatically amplifies a mechanitor's bandwidth, but is somewhat less protective than dedicated heavy armor.

Base Stats

Tech Level
Market Value
6895 Silver [Note]
12 kg


Insulation - Cold
32 °C (57.6 °F)
Insulation - Heat
°C (16.2 °F)
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Clothing For Nudity
Torso, Neck, Left Shoulder, Left Arm, Right Shoulder, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg
Middle, Outer


Crafted At
Fabrication bench
Required Research
Ultra mechtech
Skill Required
Crafting 7
Work To Make
60,000 ticks (16.67 mins)
Work Speed Stat
General Labor Speed
Resources to make
Plasteel 120 + Advanced component 8 + Nano structuring chip 2 + Powerfocus chip 1
Has Quality
Mechlord, RoyalTier7

The mechlord suit is a piece of armor added by the Biotech DLC. It provides modest armor and a significant increase in bandwidth.


Mechlord suits can be crafted at a fabrication bench once the ultra mechtech research project has been completed. Note that this research requires a nano structuring chip to unlock. Each requires Plasteel 120 Plasteel, Advanced component 8 Advanced components, Nano structuring chip 2 Nano structuring chips, Powerfocus chip 1 Powerfocus chip, 60,000 ticks (16.67 mins) of work modified by the general labor speed of the crafter, and a crafting skill of 7.


Mechlord suits have the same defensive stats as recon armor, including the lack of move speed penalty. The suit itself has 340 HP, which is 21% higher than regular recon armor.

It increases a mechanitor wearer's bandwidth by +12 while decreasing any wearer's Shooting Accuracy by −5 and Melee Hit Chance by −0.5. These stats are not impacted by quality.

The mechlord suit and its associated helmet meet the apparel requirements of all nobility.Content added by the Royalty DLC


The mechlord suit is mainly for dedicated mechanitors. In most cases, the combat mechanoids you can field with 12 bandwidth make up for mechlord armor's comparatively low armor and combat debuffs. That's equal to 4 lancers, 3 centipedes, or 12 militors, which more than make up for the loss of any 1 colonist in combat. Consider keeping your mechanitor(s) out of harm's way. However, if you can't make use of any of the extra bandwidth - such as if you don't have the resources to make lots of mechanoids - then it may be better to take other armor.

The mechlord helmet provides the same +12 bandwidth, the same combat debuffs, and is equal to the recon helmet. It requires Plasteel 120 Plasteel, Advanced component 6 Advanced components, Nano structuring chip 2 Nano structuring chips; the same amount of nano structuring chips, but requires less resources overall. The helmet has 240 HP, 71% of the suit, though the head is less likely to get hit than the torso/arms/legs. If nano structuring chips are the limiting factor, then make the suit first if your mechanitor rarely engages in direct combat, or the helmet if they do fight directly. If powerfocus chips or other resources are an issue, then make the helmet first.

Band nodes are an alternative to both mechlord armors, that allow pawns to wear other armor. 12 band nodes require Steel 2400 Steel, Component 48 Components, and a constant 3600 W of power. In addition, you'll lose control of mechs if the power goes out. But if you only plan to use a small portion of the +12 bandwidth, then nodes tend to be more practical. You don't need a full mechlord suit to control an extra cleansweeper, for instance.

Stats table

  • Mechlord suit Mechlord suit Sharp Blunt Heat HP Insulation
    - Cold
    - Heat
    Market Value
    Awful 55.2% 24% 27.6% 340 -25.6 °C (-46.1 °F) +7.2 °C (13 °F) 3445 Silver
    Poor 73.6% 32% 36.8% 340 -28.8 °C (-51.8 °F) +8.1 °C (14.6 °F) 5170 Silver
    Normal 92% 40% 46% 340 -32 °C (-57.6 °F) +9 °C (16.2 °F) 6895 Silver
    Good 105.8% 46% 52.9% 340 -35.2 °C (-63.4 °F) +9.9 °C (17.8 °F) 7395 Silver
    Excellent 119.6% 52% 59.8% 340 -38.4 °C (-69.1 °F) +10.8 °C (19.4 °F) 7895 Silver
    Masterwork 133.4% 58% 66.7% 340 -48 °C (-86.4 °F) +13.5 °C (24.3 °F) 8895 Silver
    Legendary 165.6% 72% 82.8% 340 -57.6 °C (-103.7 °F) +16.2 °C (29.2 °F) 9895 Silver

    For the full effects of qualities, see Quality.

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