Plate armor

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Plate armor

Plate armor

Overlapping solid plates of armor covering the entire body from neck to feet.

Base Stats

15 kg


Insulation Factor - Cold
Insulation Factor - Heat
Armor Factor - Sharp
Armor Factor - Blunt
Armor Factor - Heat
Torso, Neck, Left Shoulder, Left Arm, Right Shoulder, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg
Middle, Outer


Crafted At
Fueled smithy.png/TableSmithing.png
Required Research
Plate Armor
Skill Required
Crafting 7
Work To Make
38,000 ticks (10.56 mins)
Stuff tags
Metallic, Woody
Resources to make
Buildingmats.png 170
RewardStandardLowFreq, RewardStandardQualitySuper

Plate armor is a type of apparel (armor) that functions as low-tech full body armor. It can be crafted out of various materials.

It has a heavy move speed penalty of -0.8c/s when worn. As such, it may be wise to leave it in a stockpile until entering combat.


Plate armor be crafted at a fueled or electric smithy, once Plate Armor has been researched. Crafting one requires 170 of any one type of metal or wood, 38,000 ticks (10.56 mins) of work, and a minimum Crafting skill of 7.

It can also be found on every Tribal Beserker and Archer Chief.


Compared to other forms of armor, plate has the most severe movement penalty, at -0.8c/s. Plate also tends to be cheaper to make in terms of materials, but has less base durability. This can be mitigated by making it with more durable materials, such as plasteel.

A set of Steel plate armor (170 Steel ) is cheaper than a full set of flak armor, including vest, jacket and pants (190 Steel + 110 Cloth + 3 Component ). It has much lower sharp protection than a flak vest, but covers the arms and legs. It doesn't last as long as flak, having only 290 hp compared to flak's 600 hp. Its movement penalty is heavier at -0.8c/s compared to -0.36/s for the whole flak set.

A set of Plasteel plate armor is slightly cheaper than a set of marine armor, but is inferior against all damage types, especially sharp damage. One advantage of the Plasteel plate armor is that, having 810 hp, it lasts much longer than the marine armor, which only has 340 hp. Its movement penalty is heavier at -0.8c/s compared to -0.4/s for marine armor.

Material Table

  • Material Sharp Blunt Heat Item HP Insulation - Cold Insulation - Heat Market Value
    Wooden Plate armor 39.42% 39.42% 29.2% 188.5 -8°C +0°C 300 Silver
    Golden Plate armor 52.56% 26.28% 26.28% 174 -3°C +0°C 17125 Silver
    Plasteel Plate armor 83.22% 40.15% 47.45% 812 -3°C +0°C 1830 Silver
    Silver Plate armor 52.56% 26.28% 26.28% 203 -3°C +0°C 1835 Silver
    Steel Plate armor 65.7% 32.85% 43.8% 290 -3°C +0°C 460 Silver
    Uranium Plate armor 78.84% 39.42% 47.45% 725 -3°C +0°C 1280 Silver
    Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.
  • Protection Charts

    Sharp Armor Blunt Armor

    Sharp Armor Blunt Armor

    Version History

    • 1.1.0 - can now be smelted, except wooden plate armor which is now burnable.