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A long strip of cloth that is wrapped over the eyes to block vision.

Base Stats

Tech Level
0.07 kg


Insulation Factor - Cold
Insulation Factor - Heat
Armor Factor - Sharp
Armor Factor - Blunt
Armor Factor - Heat
Left Eye, Right Eye


Crafted At
Hand tailor bench / Electric tailor bench
Work To Make
1,200 ticks (20 secs)
Stuff tags
Resources to make
Stuff 20

Blindfolds are a form of clothing added by the Ideology DLC. Makes some pawns happy based on <conditions> and prevents them from seeing.



Requires the Blindsight meme to craft.


Wearing a blindfold inflicts the "Blindfolded" hediff, setting Sight to a maximum of 20%. As with any other effect that would reduce to sight to 20%, this results in a +30% bonus to psychic sensitivity. Note that this only sets a maximum bound, it does not set the actual value - if other conditions would force wearer's Sight below 20%, they will still do so while wearing the blindfold.

Wearing a blindfold will satisfy a pawn with a Blindsight ideology. Pawns who believe in the blindsight meme will get a +2 mood offset from wearing a blindfold.

The blindfold is also unique in that it occupies the Eye layer, which no other apparel does. This allows it to stack protection with Headgear layer items that also cover the eyes, such as power armor helmets. As the Eye layer is considered to be over the Headgear layer, the blindfold will attempt to mitigate or negate damage, and thus take damage to its HP, before headgear items do.


The blindfold will not get much use outside of colonies using the blindsight meme. While it does increase a pawn's psychic sensitivity, the −80% sight offset is crippling in battle and significantly impairs a pawn's ability to work. A pacifistic psycaster, or a psycaster equipped with an eltex staff (itself a poor weapon) and supported by other pawns can make some use of the higher neural heat limit offered by this item. Outside of combat, barring a blindsight ideology, the blindfold should be removed in order to limit work speed and efficiency penalties.

Material table

  • Material Sharp Blunt Heat Item HP Insulation - Cold Insulation - Heat Market Value
    Alpaca wool Blindfold 3.6% 0% 11% 80 -10.5 °C (-18.9 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 80 Silver
    Bison wool Blindfold 3.6% 0% 11% 80 -9.1 °C (-16.4 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 58 Silver
    Cloth Blindfold 3.6% 0% 1.8% 80 -6.3 °C (-11.3 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 34 Silver
    Devilstrand Blindfold 14% 3.6% 30% 104 -7 °C (-12.6 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 114 Silver
    Hyperweave Blindfold 20% 5.4% 28.8% 192 -9.1 °C (-16.4 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 184 Silver
    Megasloth wool Blindfold 8% 0% 11% 80 -11.9 °C (-21.4 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 58 Silver
    Muffalo wool Blindfold 3.6% 0% 11% 80 -9.8 °C (-17.6 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 58 Silver
    Sheep wool Blindfold 3.6% 0% 11% 80 -9.1 °C (-16.4 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 58 Silver
    Synthread Blindfold 9.4% 2.6% 9% 104 -7.7 °C (-13.9 °F) +0 °C (0 °F) 84 Silver

    Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.
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