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Wrapped fabric sheets that loosely cover the wearer's head and shoulders.

Base Stats

Tech Level
0.10 kg


Insulation Factor - Cold
Insulation Factor - Heat
Armor Factor - Sharp
Armor Factor - Blunt
Armor Factor - Heat
Neck, Head, Left Eye, Right Eye, Left Ear, Right Ear, Nose, Jaw, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder


Crafted At
Hand tailor bench / Electric tailor bench
Work To Make
1,800 ticks (30 secs)
Stuff tags
Resources to make
Stuff 30

Broadwraps are a form of clothing added by the Ideology DLC. It provides modest insulation and good protection for clothing based headwear, and covers the entire head, neck and shoulders of the wearer.


Broadwraps can only be made at electric or hand tailor benches which require Complex Clothing to be researched in order to be constructed. Each broadwrap requires Stuff 30 Stuff (Fabric) and 1,800 ticks (30 secs) of work. Leathers cannot be used to craft broadwraps.


The broadwrap is unusual in that it occupies the Headgear layer and covers, not only the entire head, but the neck and shoulders as well. This allows it to stack protection to those body parts with non-Headgear layer items, including dusters, flak vests, and power armor. As the Headgear layer is considered to be over the Outer, Middle and Skin layers, the broadwrap will attempt to mitigate or negate damage, and thus take damage to its HP, before items in those layers when there is overlap in coverage.

Also note that this layer-coverage combination means it is the only item that conflicts with the slave collar as of 1.3.3117, as the collar also covers the neck and occupies the Headgear layer.

Unlike every other headgear item, the broadwrap does count as clothing for pawns with the nudist trait or with pro-nudity ideoligions.Content added by the Ideology DLC[Detail]


The broadwrap offers modest, but not totally negligible insulation of both types. It is inferior in this regard to dedicated insulative hats like tuques and cowboy hats, comparable to power armor helmets, and superior to other headwear such as simple helmets and bowler hats. Its primary worth is protective however.

The broadwrap's unique coverage means that it covers the most of any headwear in the game, even surpassing power armor helmets. Notably, this includes the neck which is both relatively fragile and fatal if destroyed. This is balanced by its relatively low armor when compared to dedicated helmets. At base, there is a 1.5% chance for an attack to hit the neck, a 3.4% chance to hit a shoulder, a 6% chance to hit the head, and a 2.56% chance to hit a potentially fatal part of the head. Thus, if a helmet and the broadwrap are close in armor rating, there is merit to sacrificing some armor for the superior coverage, but this advantage disappears with larger disparities.

As a stuffable item, material selection is key to its merit, and only fabrics can be used in its construction. Thus, devilstrand and hyperweave are ideal candidates. Devilstrand is accessible by mid-game and, compared to steel simple helmets, offers superior coverage and insulation and significantly better heat armor, at the cost of only 78% of the sharp armor. This can make them attractive options if devilstrand is accessible, especially if flame or heat damage is expected.

While hyperweave is rare, broadwraps made of it are very competitive against simple helmets, being outright superior to steel helmets in every factor except blunt, which neither option provides a sufficient amount of to be relevant. Even against plasteel simple helmets, the close armor rating and superior coverage and heat armor make the broadwrap an attractive option.

Once power armor helmets are available however, the merits of the broadwrap fade. While the coverage it offers is still superior, the disparity in armor rating makes the power armor helmets superior in all but very niche circumstances.

As both the face mask Content added by the Biotech DLC and the broadwrap cover the jaw's headgear layer, they cannot be worn together.

Material table

  • Material Sharp Blunt Heat Item HP Insulation - Cold Insulation - Heat Market Value
    Alpaca wool Broadwrap 9% 0% 27.5% 80 -6 °C (-10.8 °F) +3.2 °C (5.8 °F) 121 Silver
    Bison wool Broadwrap 9% 0% 27.5% 80 -5.2 °C (-9.4 °F) +2.4 °C (4.3 °F) 88 Silver
    Cloth Broadwrap 9% 0% 4.5% 80 -3.6 °C (-6.5 °F) +3.6 °C (6.5 °F) 52 Silver
    Devilstrand Broadwrap 35% 9% 75% 104 -4 °C (-7.2 °F) +4.8 °C (8.6 °F) 172 Silver
    Hyperweave Broadwrap 50% 13.5% 72% 192 -5.2 °C (-9.4 °F) +5.2 °C (9.4 °F) 275 Silver
    Megasloth wool Broadwrap 20% 0% 27.5% 80 -6.8 °C (-12.2 °F) +2.4 °C (4.3 °F) 88 Silver
    Muffalo wool Broadwrap 9% 0% 27.5% 80 -5.6 °C (-10.1 °F) +2.4 °C (4.3 °F) 88 Silver
    Sheep wool Broadwrap 9% 0% 27.5% 80 -5.2 °C (-9.4 °F) +2 °C (3.6 °F) 88 Silver
    Synthread Broadwrap 23.5% 6.5% 22.5% 104 -4.4 °C (-7.9 °F) +4.4 °C (7.9 °F) 127 Silver

    Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.
  • Protection charts

    Sharp Armor Blunt Armor Heat Armor
    Effective Damage (%)
    • Hyperweave Broadwrap (Heat): 46%
    • Devilstrand Broadwrap (Heat): 43.75%
    • Steel Simple Helmet (Heat): 77.5%
    • Plasteel Simple Helmet (Heat): 75.625%

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