Mechanoid transponder

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Mechanoid transponder

Mechanoid transponder

A transponder micro-organ that connects a mechanitor to a mechanoid, even over a great distance. Mechanitors are capable of controlling many mechanoids using a mix of psychic and electromagnetic signals.
Decrypting the transponder will allow you to pinpoint the location of the last mechanitor who controlled the mechanoid.

Base Stats

Market Value
200 Silver
Stack Limit
0.1 kg
Deterioration Rate
Path Cost

A mechanoid transponder is an item that lets you summon a mechanitor ship containing a mechlink.


A mechanoid transponder can be found after destroying an ancient exostrider midsection, which spawn on most map tiles your colony settles on. One should take care not to let colonists stand too close to the midsection as it will explode into flames upon destruction.


Upon acquiring a mechanoid transponder, any colonist will be able to decrypt it at a simple research bench or hi-tech research bench. Upon decryption, the transponder will be destroyed and a quest will trigger, allowing you to call a ship to land on the map. The ship will contain a few hostile mechanoid and a desiccated mechanitor corpse with a mechlink installed.

As the number of mechanoids in the quest will be scaled based on the colony wealth at the time the transponder is decrypted, rather than the time the ship is actually summoned, players should generally prioritize doing so as soon as safe to do so, to make the quest as easy as possible - the quest can spawn with only a single tesseron if done with low enough wealth. [Details]. Once the transponder is decrypted, the player may call down the ship at their leisure.

Example Quest Text[edit]

You have decrypted an ancient transponder, revealing the location of a mechanoid ship in orbit. The ship is badly damaged but you can signal it to land nearby.

The ship contains the remains of a long-dead mechanitor. Mechanitors can create and control mechanoids for work and combat. By extracting the deceased mechanitor's mechlink, you can turn one of your own colonist into a mechanitor.

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