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Previous Version: Version/0.0.232
Released on: 17 October 2013
Next Version: Version/0.0.250
Released on: 4 November 2013

Released on: 30 October 2013



  • Plants and such no longer cover bullets as well as sandbags.
  • Raiders now opportunistically attack any building they happen across if not engaged in combat. Attempt to funnel them at your peril.
  • R-4 charge rifle now has a unique sound.
  • Weather (rain/fog) now affects chances of hitting a target (along with light levels and many other factors, good luck hitting someone on a foggy night now).
  • Hid the trait system to avoid confusion (since traits do nothing).
  • All weapons now have unique graphics.
  • Rewrote storage square management system to use the generalized work reservation manager.
  • Fast-forwarding is disabled during combat where you are under attack.
  • Balanced down hydroponics growth rate.
  • Charged batteries now explode while burning.
  • Rebalanced shooting and melee to make skill more important.
  • Drafted colonists no longer interrupt when melee attacked.
  • Traders are now rarer but carry more goods.
  • Dump sites no longer default to accepting humanoid corpses. Graves no longer default to accepting animal carcasses.
  • Smoothed out and softened how AI Storytellers handle colony population.
  • Colonists now gain bad thoughts from sleeping outside.
  • Replaced all noncommercial free sounds and attributed those under attribution licenses.
  • Power connectors report power net status.
  • You can now dump meals in dumping areas.
  • You can now click on names in the overview to center on the colonist.
  • Overview now displays health of wounded colonists.

New Content[edit]

  • Added map size adjustment in an advanced menu at game start.
  • You can now prioritize colonists’ tasks individually.
  • Levels now cap at 20 (as designed).
  • Added max selection size and max drag designate size.
  • Added raiders: sniper squad and mercenary squad.
  • Some electrical devices now short-circuit and cause fires if left out in the rain while running.
  • Split Shooting Accuracy breakdown into misses due to equipment and misses due to skill.
  • Added skills (which do nothing yet): cooking, medicine, artistic, crafting
  • Added work tags (most of which do nothing yet): Firefighting, scary, artistic, cooking
  • Added credits screen.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Various bugfixes and balance adjustments.