Pain Shock Threshold

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Pain Shock Threshold is a stat: The pain level at which this creature is downed from pain. Its minimum allowed value is 1% (effectively limited to 30%). Its maximum allowed value is 99% (effectively limited to 95%). Its default value is 80%.

When a pawn's pain level meets or exceeds their Pain Shock Threshold they will become incapacitated.

Mechanoids feel no pain and are therefore not affected by this stat.



Higher values are typically preferred, yet low values can be favorable in keeping the affected pawn alive.

For instance, a pawn with a high pain shock threshold will accrue more damage before getting downed, meaning death from missing body parts/sheer blood loss is more likely, but will contribute more damage to a fight before being downed, potentially saving other pawns from damage or death.

Meanwhile a pawn with a low pain shock threshold will rarely die or even be placed in highly critical condition in the midst of combat, especially from small arms fire, but will contribute less to a fight before to being downed.

Psycasters have a specific benefit from high thresholds, as it allows them to more safely use pain to boost their neural heat dissipation without increasing the risk of being downed in combat. Note that this does not prevent any other penalties from pain, such as consciousness loss.