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Need to be updated

  • Insectoids have incorrect minimum handling skill but wildness stats are correct

Trying New Version of Animal Stats box

infobox main|animal|
|name = Cow
|image = Cow.png
|description = "A large domesticated ungulate, cows have been bred for millennia to produce huge amounts of milk, meat, and leather. They are exceptionally gentle creatures and will never seek revenge, no matter how many times they are harmed. Most of them are so adapted to farm life that they cannot survive in the wild."

Base Stats Pawn Stats Training Yields Lifecycle Offense/Defense
type = Animals

type2 = Farm
marketvalue = 300 livesin_aridshrubland = true or <omit>
livesin_borealforest = true or <omit>
livesin_desert = true or <omit>
livesin_extremedesert = true or <omit>
livesin_icesheet = true or <omit>
livesin_seaice = true or <omit>
livesin_temperateforest = true or <omit>
livesin_tropicalrainforest = true or <omit>
livesin_tundra = true or <omit>

bodysize = 2.4
healthscale = 1.5
massadult = 140
movespeed = 3.20
hungerrate = 0.535
diet = herbivorous
predator = true or <omit>
grassmaintain = 8.56 (automated?)
filthrate = 16
toxicsensitivity = 0.5
min comfortable temperature = -10
max comfortable temperature = 40

trainable = none
roaminterval = 2
blockedfences = 1 (Boolean)
nuzzleMtb =
manhunter = 0.0
manhuntertame = 0.0
wildness = 0.05

meatname = beef
meatyield = 336 (body size * 140 (plus post-process curve for animals under 1.0)
leathername = plainleather
leatheryield = 60 (body size * 40 (post-process curve)
milk = 14
milktime = 1
milkyear = 840 (milk x milktime x 60)
milkvalue = 1.90
milkvalueyear = $1596 (milkyear x milkvalue)
wool =
woolname =
sheartime =
woolyear =
woolvalue =
woolvalueyear =
eggsmin =
eggsmax =
eggs_avg =
eggtime =
eggs_unfertilized =
eggmarketvalue =
eggsyear =
eggsvalueyear =

lifespan = 22
gestation = 6.66
offspring = 1
maturityage = 0.33
meatperday = 16.8 (automated?)

attack1dmg = 8.8
attack1type = bite
attack1part = teeth
attack1cool = 2.6 (I don't know how to calculate ticks, this is cooldowntime in xml)
attack1stun =
attack2dmg = 7
attack2type = blunt
attack2part = head
attack2cool = 2.0
attack2stun =
attack3dmg = 8
attack3type = blunt/poke
attack3part = left hoof
attack3cool = 2
attack3stun =
attack4dmg = 8
attack4type = blunt/poke
attack4part = right hoof
attack4cool = 2.6
attack4stun =


Leader Moral guide Shooting specialist (Raider, Supremacist) Melee specialist (Raider, Supremacist) Research specialist (Transhumanist) Plants specialist (High life, Nature primacy, Tree connection) Production specialist (Human primacy) Mining specialist (Darkness, Tunneler) Animals specialist (Animal personhood, Rancher) Medical specialist (Flesh purity, Blindsight)


Funeral (required; max 1) || Can start after event || A gathering that occurs around a believer's grave after they die and are buried. If the body is destroyed, an empty grave can be used. Slaves don't get funerals. Social festival || Any time, specific date || A celebratory gathering for your colonists to have fun. A leader will give an encouraging speech, then everyone will socialize for a while. Dance party Skylantern festival Christmas tree party Symbol burning Smokeleaf circle (Meme;High life, Structure;Hindu or Buddhist origin) Cannibal feast (meme;Cannibal) Blinding (meme;Blindsight) || - || A cutter will ritualistically blind a target. The audience will watch as the cutter gives a speech, cuts out both of the target's eyes, and says some closing words. The target will be left bleeding and need immediate medical care. Gladiator duel (meme;Pain is virtue, Cannibal, Supremacist, Raider) || - || A duel between prisoners or slaves. The organizer will give a speech to excite the crowd, then the duelists will fight until one of them falls or time runs out. If weapons are in the arena, the duelists will pick up and use them. Prisoner sacrifice (meme; Public execution || - || An executioner will publicly execute a prisoner. The executioner will give a short speech, execute the prisoner by cutting, and say some closing words. Spectating slaves will become afraid and intimidated, and colonists will feel exhilarated or disgusted depending on their beliefs. Tree connection || - || A connector will connect with a Gauranlen tree. The connector will touch the Gauranlen tree and speak to it, forming a permanent link. Others gather in a circle to watch and add force to the ritual. Scarification (meme; Pain is virtue; Nature primacy) ScarificationBad excluded || - || A ritualistic scarring where a cutter carves ideoligious symbols into a target. The audience will watch as the cutter gives a speech, performs the cutting, then says some finishing words.

Possible Outcomes

Label: farm animals wander in Desc: a group of farm animals will be attracted and join the colony. Letter text: Curious farm animals have wandered in, attracted by the commotion. Required Meme: Rancher, Animal personhood, Nature primacy

Label: gauranlen pod sprout Desc: a Gauranlen pod will sprout at a random location on the map, if it can. Letter text: A Gauranlen pod sprouted nearby. Required Meme: Tree connection, Nature primacy

Label: insect jelly Desc: insect jelly deposits will be deposited from underground. Letter text: A giant insect colony underground has deposited some insect jelly. Required Meme: Tunneler Required Faction: Insect

Label: nearby faction goodwill Desc: you will gain goodwill from the nearest faction base. Letter text: You gained {AMOUNT} goodwill with {FACTION_name}.

Label: random recruit Desc: 50% chance of random recruit of the same ideoligion joining your colony. Letter text: A wanderer has arrived and wants to join your colony. Note: Cannot trigger from funerals

Label: discover ancient complex Desc: you will discover the location of an ancient complex nearby. Letter text: You've discovered the location of an ancient complex.


Required: Male clothing, Execution, Diversity of thought, Female clothing, Organ use, Cannibalism, Blindness, Corpses, Fungus, Insect meat, Physical love, Eating nutrient paste, Research, Scarification, Skullspike, Slavery, Women's spouses, Men's spouses, Marriage name Diversity of thought - Intense(m) , Moderate, Mild, Neutral, Appreciated, (meme;individualist: Highly appreciated, Exalted(m)) Execution - Always abhorent, Always horrible, Horrible if innocent, Don't care, Respected if guilty, Required(m) Male clothing - Fully nude(h); Pants at most(h); No rules; Pants; Pants and shirt; Pants, shirt, and hat(m); Totally covered(h) Fungus - Despised, (meme;tunneler: Preferred) Eating nutrient paste - Disgusting (meme;transhumanist: Dont[sic] mind) Skullspike - Disapproved, Desired Marriage name - Random, Keep names, Always man's, Always woman's, Usually man's, Usually woman's Slavery - Abhorrent, Horrible, Disapproved, Acceptable, Honorable(h) Organ use - Totally abhorrent(m), No harvest or sell, No harvest, Acceptable Blindness - Horrible, (meme;blindsight: Respected(m), Elevated(h), Sublime(h)) Insect meat - Despised, (meme;tunneler: Loved(m)) Research - Not allowed(h), Extremely slow(h), Very slow(h), Slow(m), Normal, Fast, Very fast(m) Women's spouses - One only, Two or fewer(m), Three or fewer(m), Four or fewer(m), Unlimited(m) Female clothing - Fully nude(h); Pants at most(h); No rules; Pants; Pants and shirt; Pants, shirt, and hat(m); Totally covered(h) Cannibalism - Abhorrent, Horrible, Disapproved, Acceptable, Preferred(m), (meme;cannibal: Required (strong)(h), Required (ravenous)(h)) Corpses - Ugly, (meme;Pain is virtue, cannibal, supremacist, raider: Don't care) Physical love - Prohibited(h), Horrible(h), Spouse only (strict), Spouse only (moderate), Spouse only (mild), Free, Free and approved(m) Scarification - Horrible, Minor(m), Heavy(h), Extreme(h) Men's spouses - One only, Two or fewer(m), Three or fewer(m), Four or fewer(m), Unlimited(m)

Prohibited, Abhorrent, Horrible, Disapproved, Acceptable, Approved, Preferred, Required

Slaughtering animals - Prohibited, Horrible, Disapproved Apostasy - Abhorrent, Horrible, Disapproved Autonomous weapons - Prohibited, Horrible, Disapproved Body modification - Abhorrent, Disapproved, Approved Charity - Worthwhile, Important(m), Essential(h) Drug use - Prohibited(h), Medical only, Medical or social only Killing innocent animals - Abhorrent, Horrible, Disapproved Lighting - Darklight preferred Combat in darkness - Preferred Meat eating - Abhorrent(h), Horrible(h), Disapproved(m), Mildly required(m), Seriously required(h), Strictly required(h) Mining - Prohibited(h), Horrible(h), Disapproved(m) Raiding - Respected(h), Required(h) Cutting trees - Prohibited(h), Horrible(h), Disapproved(m) Trees - Desired Animal connection: Strong (meme;Animal personhood) Blind psysense: Strong (meme;Blindsight) Bonding: Disapproved (meme;Human primacy) Comfort: Ignored (meme;Pain is virtue) Slab bed: Preferred (meme;Pain is virtue) Drug use: Essential (meme;High life) Mining yield: High (meme;Tunneler) Pain: Idealized (meme;Pain is virtue, Guilty) Proselytizing: Occasional, Sometimes, Frequent (meme;Proselytizer) Ranching: Central (meme;Rancher) Small spaces: Don't care (meme;Tunneler) Sleep accelerator: Preferred (meme;Transhumanist) Neural supercharge: Preferred (meme;Transhumanist) Biosculpting: Accelerated (meme;Transhumanist), Despised (meme;Flesh purity) Age reversal: Demanded (meme;Transhumanist) Gauranlen connection: Strong (meme;Tree connection) Work drive: Tripled (meme;Collectivist)

Ideology Thoughts

Thoughts Memory Misc

Thought Caption Mood Effect Expiration time (days) Stack Limit Stacking Multiplier
Was enslaved They kept me as a slave. They forced me to suffer! -6 12 1 N/A
Shared room with slave I had to sleep in the same room as a slave. -3 1 1 N/A
Gauranlen deatch My tree... its calming presence became pure pain, then went silent. Its suffering echoes in my mind... -15 10 N/A N/A


Animal Economy stats is great place to start All animals need their stats to be updated.

  • meat
  • gestation time
  • growth time
  • add toxic sensitivity
  • formula for filth rate is no longer needed
  • add blocked by fences
  • add roam interval
  • might need a single section on animal productivity in animal stats
  • page on comparing the egg layers/milkers/wool givers will need to be massively updated!

animal stats now list:

  • meat per day during growth
  • grass to maintain
  • eggs per year
  • egg nutrition per year
  • egg market value
  • egg value per year

Finished Defs


ResearchProjectDefs? (find where other research projects might also hide)



  • Changes noticed: Nutrition changed
  • Done: Cave, Cultivated Decorative, Cultivated Farm
  • To-Do: Bases(?), Special, Wild arid/general/swamp/temperate/tropical