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A gas-operated light machine gun. While it is somewhat unwieldy and inaccurate, its long bursts of fire are effective against groups of enemies.

Base Stats

Market Value
425 Silver
8.5 kg

Ranged Combat

11 dmg (Bullet)
Armor penetration
108 ticks (1.8 secs)
108 ticks (1.8 secs)
25.9 tile(s)
40% - 48% - 35% - 26%
Avg. accuracy
46 (m/s)
Burst Count
6 (per burst)
Burst Ticks
ticks (0.12 secs)
(514.29 RPM )
15.78 (6.63)
Stopping power

Melee Combat

Melee Attack 1
9 dmg (Blunt)
2.0 seconds cooldown
13% armor penetration
Melee Attack 2 
9 dmg (Blunt)
2.0 seconds cooldown
13% armor penetration
Melee Attack 3 
9 dmg (Poke)
2.0 seconds cooldown
13% armor penetration
Melee Average DPS
Melee Average AP


Crafted At
Machining table
Required Research
Gas operation
Skill Required
Crafting 6
Work To Make
34,000 ticks (9.44 mins)
Resources to make
Steel 75 + Component 5
Gun, IndustrialGunAdvanced

The LMG is a heavy, multi-shot firearm which fires 6-shot bursts of rounds which deal a moderate amount of damage each; a slightly shorter delay between each shot; a slightly longer time between bursts; moderate range and low overall accuracy.


LMGs can be crafted at a machining table once the gas operation research has been completed; from Steel 75 Steel, Component 5 Component and 34,000 ticks (9.44 mins) of work. A crafting skill of at least 6 is required.

LMGs can also be purchased from outlander and orbital combat suppliers, outlander settlements, or obtained from the following raider kinds:

Raider Kind Chance Average Quality Health
Mercenary Gunner 11.32% Normal 70-320%
Elite Mercenary 46.53% Normal 100%
Ancient Soldier 10.56% Normal 100%


The LMG is somewhat of an entry-level crowd-controlling weapon owing to its poor accuracy combined with its relatively long 6-shot burst and high raw DPS. Single-shot damage output is acceptable, though not brilliant compared to other multi-shot firearms; the LMG's consistently on par with single-shot pump shotgun in this area, or worse than the heavy SMG up to short range and taking point beyond that. Range is good for a multi-shot firearm, and the LMG's stopping power is also high enough to stagger humans, lancers and scythers. The LMG is the most powerful overall weapon that is capable of staggering humans.

It isn't advisable to give inexperienced shooters an LMG though due to the moderate delta between close and short accuracy, as well as the LMG's fairly long warmup/cooldown cycle; better choices would include machine pistols, heavy SMGs and chain shotguns. The LMG is also very cumbersome, in fact being the second heaviest player-usable ranged weapon after the minigun.

The LMG's single-target damage output dramatically improves against larger targets such as centipedes since the accuracy bonus from their body size mostly counters the LMG's low base accuracy, instead being much closer to that of the charge rifle's in these situations. Raiders generally won't be seen using LMGs until the midgame.

Regarding roles in combat, the LMG is more of a support/crowd control weapon due to its stopping power and ability to damage targets in an area, though it's also a solid choice for an offensive weapon against large targets - bearing in mind that the LMG's stopping power no longer comes into play with larger-than-human-sized targets. Hunting is also somewhat of a viable choice since the LMG offers the same per-shot damage and range as the revolver, though weapons such as the bolt-action rifle are still safer choices.

Against an unarmored human, an LMG can kill with 4 hits to the torso, 3 hits to the head or neck, or 1 hit to the brain; cripple or destroy limbs in 3 hits; and cripple or destroy eyes and digits with a single hit. It'll generally take around 6 hits (~10 seconds average) to incapacitate that human from pain shock.

Overall, the LMG is best paired with a careful shooter up to level 12, then with a trigger-happy shooter beyond that point.

Quality table

  • Quality Damage AP Accuracy
    Market Value
    Awful LMG 9.9 14.4% 32% 38% 28% 21% 14.2 4.54 5.4 3.98 2.98 210 Silver
    Poor LMG 11 16% 36% 43% 32% 23% 15.78 5.68 6.79 5.05 3.63 159 Silver
    Normal LMG 11 16% 40% 48% 35% 26% 15.78 6.31 7.57 5.52 4.1 159 Silver
    Good LMG 11 16% 44% 53% 39% 29% 15.78 6.94 8.36 6.15 4.58 199 Silver
    Excellent LMG 11 16% 48% 58% 42% 31% 15.78 7.57 9.15 6.63 4.89 300 Silver
    Masterwork LMG 13.75 20% 54% 65% 47% 35% 19.73 10.65 12.82 9.27 6.9 745 Silver
    Legendary LMG 16.5 24% 60% 72% 53% 39% 23.67 14.2 17.04 12.55 9.23 3735 Silver
    For the full effects of qualities, see Quality.
  • Melee Combat

  • Tool Attack Damage Type Power AP Cooldown Likelihood Base DPS
    Overall - - 9 13% 2.00s - 4.50
    Stock Blunt Blunt 9 13% 2.00s 50.00% 4.50
    Barrel Blunt Blunt 9 13% 2.00s 25.00% 4.50
    Barrel Poke Blunt 9 13% 2.00s 25.00% 4.50
  • Graphs

    LMG's accuracy with various shooters without any trait. LMG's DPS with various shooters without any trait.

    LMG's accuracy with various shooters with careful shooter. LMG's DPS with various shooters with careful shooter.

    LMG's accuracy with various shooters with trigger-happy. LMG's DPS with various shooters with trigger-happy.

    Version history

    • 0.3.410 - Can now spawn on pawns
    • Alpha ? - Name changed from L-15 LMG