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"A refined club, engineered for efficient swinging and deadly impacts."

Base Stats

1.25 kg

Melee Combat

Melee Attack 1
9 dmg (poke)
2 seconds cooldown
13% armor penetration
Melee Attack 2 
15.7 dmg (blunt)
2 seconds cooldown
24% armor penetration
Melee Average DPS
Melee Average AP


Crafted At
Fueled smithy.png/TableSmithing.png
Skill Required
Crafting 3
Work To Make
6,000 ticks (1.67 mins)
Stuff tags
Metallic, Woody
Resources to make
Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 50

The mace is a melee weapon that does a moderate amount of blunt damage, and has a moderate cooldown. As a blunt weapon, mace attacks don't cause bleeding (unless a body part gets destroyed), and generally fares better against armor when compared to sharp weapons.


Maces can be crafted at the fueled smithy or electric smithy once the Smithing research has been completed; with Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 50 Stuff (Wood/Metals) and 6,000 ticks (1.67 mins) of work.

Maces can also be purchased from outlander and orbital combat suppliers, or from outlander and pirate raiders drops.


Compared to its neolithic 'ancestor', the club, the mace is somewhat more expensive to produce and has a slightly shorter cooldown period. The mace is best when made with uranium rather than plasteel; though slightly slower, the high damage multiplier will result in a higher damage output, and also better armor penetration.

Material table

In the following table, clubs of different types along with their damage charts are displayed.

Material Beauty Market Value Work To Make Melee Damage Per Second Melee Armor Penetration
Gold 17 $5020 90 7.02 21%
Plasteel -3 $500 220 7.90 19%
Silver 3 $520 100 7.02 21%
Steel -3 $117 100 7.02 21%
Uranium -3 $340 190 9.57 32%
Wood -3 $75 70 6.32 19%

Mace vs. Comparable Weapons

This section goes over how well the mace fares against comparable weapons (similar value, tech level or similar characteristics) in 1 vs. 1 combat.


  • All testing is semi-automated which allows for large sample sizes to be gathered per set of results with ease
  • All pawns have a skill level of 8 in melee
  • No pawns have any traits that affect combat performance
  • All pawns are of 18 years of age and completely healthy

Results in the table below are the percentages of battles that maces either won or tied against the weapon listed in the first column of said table, with a sample size of 2,000 battles per result. Higher percentages are better.

The following armor categories are:

Steel mace vs. Unarmored Flak Marine
Steel club 61.05% 60.10% 60.15%
Steel gladius 47.75% 65.85% 85.40%
Steel spear 49.25% 55.85% 68.15%
Steel longsword 32.90% 48.25% 68.90%
Uranium mace 29.05% 26.10% 24.55%

Uranium mace vs. Unarmored Flak Marine
Uranium club 56.10% 60.60% 59.32%
Plasteel gladius 54.90% 71.55% 89.95%
Plasteel spear 51.25% 59.25% 74.30%
Plasteel longsword 37.65% 49.40% 69.80%
Steel mace 70.95% 73.90% 75.45%