Megasloth wool

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Megasloth wool

Megasloth wool

While somewhat coarse, megasloth wool's long fibers make it very strong. It is very warm.

Base Stats

Stuff Category
Market Value
2.7 Silver
Stack Limit
Deterioration Rate
Path Cost

Stat Modifiers

Beauty Factor
Work To Make Factor
Work To Build Factor
Max Hit Points
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Insulation - Cold
+34 °C (61.2 °F)
Insulation - Heat
+12 °C (21.6 °F)

Megasloth wool is a type of fabric gathered by animal handlers by shearing tamed megasloth. Megasloth wool is the second warmest textile in the game, after Guinea pig fur and tied with Thrumbofur, and is essential for colonies on cold biomes like sea ice and ice sheet. It can be hard to obtain lots of it as it takes quite a while for megasloth's to produce the wool (usually only enough to make one parka) and it is rarely sold by traders.


Megasloth wool is acquired by shearing tamed megasloths - each megasloth can be sheared every 20 days for 200 wool, for an average of 10 per day. Note that the amount of wool sheared scales with the Animal Gather Yield of the shearer.

Shearing takes 1,700 ticks (28.33 secs), regardless of the amount of wool produced, and only modified by the Animal Gather Speed of the handler.

It can also be purchased from traders.


Unlike other wools, megasloth wool is moderately protective, with the 17th highest sharp armor of any textile, just slightly below plainleather. Like all wools, it excels in cold insulation, offering the 2nd best cold insulation - tied with the significantly rarer thrumbofur, and beaten only by guinea pig fur. In comparison, its heat insulation is lacking, at 19th of all textiles.

Despite its better armor, it is still largely irrelevant in terms of actual protection past the very early game. However, the exceptional cold insulation make it very useful in cold biomes. In addition, Megasloths have the fastest Per Day production of any wooly animal. Though it only has a somewhat improved beauty factor over plain textiles, its rapid production can be used for bulk construction. Care should be taken, as like other wools in RimWorld, it is exceptionally flammable.

The main issue comes from the megasloth animal itself, which are the second hardest animals to tame. They require a rancher with high Animal skill to tame and keep obedient, and even then, the manhunter chance is quite high. And by the time megasloths are attained, your colony may already have other solutions against the cold (though other wools are still less protective). If megasloths are unavailable, you can go for sheep or alpaca wool, which come from easier to tame animals that have fairly fast production rates.


Contrary to wool in real life, wool in RimWorld is more flammable than cotton, rather than less.