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The tanned skin of a cold-blooded reptile. Lizardskin is reasonably tough, but does not insulate well at all.

Base Stats

Stuff Category
Market Value
2.1 Silver
Stack Limit
Path Cost

Stat Modifiers

Beauty Factor
Work To Make Factor
Work To Build Factor
Max Hit Points
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Insulation - Cold
+12 °C (21.6 °F)
Insulation - Heat
+12 °C (21.6 °F)

Lizardskin is a type of leather produced when a cook butchers a reptile such as a cobra, tortoise, or iguana at a butcher table.


The following animals provide Lizardskin.

  • Animal Leather Yield
    Cobra 18
    Iguana 22
    Tortoise 25
  • Analysis[edit]

    Lizardskin is one of many textiles with protective stats almost identical to plainleather. In comparison, it provides negligbly higher blunt armor, worse insulation, 23% less item hitpoints and a slightly higher beauty factor.

    As it is 6-way tied for the 11th most protective textile in the game, it is largely irrelevant as protective clothing after the very early game, and even at that point there are many other options that are just as good or better. It is technically ranked 4th out of all textiles in terms of blunt armor, behind only hyperweave, thrumbofur and devilstrand, despite its blunt rating being only slightly higher than other early game textiles. No textile offers significant blunt protection, however. Even hyperweave, at 2x the blunt armor of lizardskin, only provides noticeable protection at high qualities. Thus while lizardskin does technically edge out other plainleather-equivalent textiles in terms of protection, the AP of the vast majority of blunt attacks will ignore it just as completely as it would the alternatives. Lizardskin's lower item durability means that clothing replacements will be more frequent compared to other common leathers as well. Thus its use as clothing is feasible in the early game but not ideal. Transitioning to more protective and insulative textiles should be made a priority however.

    For use in furniture, it only has a slightly improved beauty factor than other common textiles, but its mid-game redundancy as clothing makes it a decent choice for improving furniture beauty. Its inferiority to wools in this regard and the commonness of wools compared to lizardskin limits its long term utility however.


    Version history[edit]

    • 0.18/1.0 - Lizardskin is a new leather type added that merges cobraskin, tortoise leather, and iguana skin from earlier versions.