Fleshmass lung

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Fleshmass lung

Fleshmass lung

A cancerous mass of semi-sentient flesh. The tissue constantly regrows and replaces itself, making it immune to effects like lung rot and asthma.
The organ has its own neural structures and may become dangerous if removed.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts

The fleshmass lung is a body part added by the Anomaly DLC that replaces a human lung and provides enhanced resistance to some effects and, if the Biotech DLC is active, toxic environment resistance.Content added by the Biotech DLC


Twisted obelisk


The fleshmass lung replace the user's organic lung. The fleshmass lung has a part efficiency of 100%. This fully replaces the functionality of a normal lung but provides no direct enhancement - when coupled with the lung body part having a Breathing importance of 50%, it results in an increase in breathing of up to 50% when replacing a missing or totally inoperable lung. Breathing, in turn, affects Moving, Consciousness if below 100%, and Rest Rate Multiplier.

A fleshmass lung inflicts +6% Pain on its bearer and, if the Biotech DLC is active, also increases their Toxic Environment ResistanceContent added by the Biotech DLC by +30%. This reduces the amount of toxic buildup from toxic fallout, tox gas,Content added by the Biotech DLC and pollutionContent added by the Biotech DLC by 30%. Replacing both lungs stacks to the maximum of +60% resistance. Note that it does not prevent the other effects of tox gas.

Fleshmass lungs are also fully immune to asthma and lung rot, and will cure these aliments in that lung.

Note that the fleshmass lung has no item form.


Spawns a fleshbeast when removed - the fleshbeast spawns stunned initially.

Removing the part requires ???? of work, ??x medicine of herbal quality or better, and a Medical skill skill of ????.


In terms of effectiveness, Fleshmass lungs are typically inferior to the Detoxifier lung.Content added by the Biotech DLC However, they are effectively free upgrades, requiring only to wait for the cooldown and patience with the RNG. For colonists with the masochist trait or a colony with the Idealized Pain Precept, the pain that comes from the Fleshmass Lungs might even make them preferable to Detoxifier Lungs.

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