Ghoul plating

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Ghoul plating

Bioferrite plates that can be surgically attached to a ghoul, protecting vulnerable areas. The plates will reduce incoming damage significantly but also slow the ghoul down.
Due to the extremely painful nature of the prosthetic, only ghouls can tolerate this enhancement.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts
Market Value
85 Silver
0.3 kg


Crafted At
Crafting spot / Bioferrite shaper
Required Research
Ghoul enhancements
Work To Make
9,000 ticks (2.5 mins)
Work Speed Stat
General Labor Speed
Resources to make
Bioferrite 70

Ghoul plating is an implant that gives a ghoul increased resistance against damage at the cost of movement speed.


Ghoul platings can be crafted at a crafting spot or bioferrite shaper once the ghoul enhancements research project has been completed. Note that this research requires dark study to unlock. Each requires Bioferrite 70 Bioferrite and 9,000 ticks (2.5 mins) of work modified by the general labor speed of the crafter.


Once implanted into a ghoul, it provides a ×50% incoming damage multiplier and −0.70 c/s Move speed .

This can stack multiplicatively the Tough trait and the Robust gene.Content added by the Biotech DLC

A ghoul with ghoul plating, the Tough trait and the Robust gene will see their total incoming damage reduced to 19%.

Installing the part cannot fail and has no skill requirements.



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