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Consciousness, called Data Processing on mechanoids, and Sentience on entitiesContent added by the Anomaly DLC, is a pawn capacity: The state or quality of awareness. A pawn loses consciousness when this falls below 30%, and dies when this reaches 0%. Humans, animals and mechanoids all share the same unconscious and lethality thresholds.

At the time of writing, the maximum possible Consciousness capacity is 170% with a healthy pawn high on go-juice, luciferium and wake-up, having used a neural supercharger,Content added by the Ideology DLC with any level of pollution stimulus Content added by the Biotech DLC and a psychic bond Content added by the Biotech DLC with a pawn on the same map.

Affected stats[edit]

Consciousness itself doesn't have any direct effect on a pawn's stats, however it does directly affect several other capacities which in turn affect most stats a pawn has. Thus, when considering the effect of a consciousness change, the affected stats of those other capacities must be considered.

EatingCapacity1-A character's ability to eat.
ManipulationCapacity1-How well a character can physically interact with objects. Directly affected by consciousness and arms/hands/fingers effectiveness.
MovingCapacity11How well a character can move around. Directly affected by consciousness.
TalkingCapacity1-A character's capacity of speech. Directly affected by consciousness.


Base Factors[edit]

Consciousness is mainly affected by the following factors:

  • Blood Pumping: 20% importance, no allowed defect. 100% Max.
  • Breathing: 20% importance, no allowed defect. 100% Max.
  • Blood filtration: 10% importance, no allowed defect. 100% Max.
  • Pain: The pain offset can be calculated as follows:
IF Pain[%] <= 10% THEN -0% ELSE -{(Pain-0.1)/2.25}[%]
Thus, minor levels of pain (10% or less) have no effect on Consciousness, while anything more than that starts to reduce consciousness at a little less than half (4/9) its value.
More specifically, the pawn's consciousness is reduced at a rate of -1% for every 2.25% Pain above 10%, with a maximum penalty at 100% Pain of -40% Consciousness.
  • Brain part efficiency: 100% importance, no allowed defect. No Max (effectively 100%).
    • Joywire: part efficiency offset −20%

Post Factors[edit]

The following factors are applied after the Base factors.


The following offsets are applied after the Post factors.


If any of these conditions apply, the Consciousness can not be higher than the given value. Note that it can still be lower.


The formula is as follows:

Consciousness = IF (Base factors × Post factors + Offsets) < Limit THEN (Base factors × Post factors + Offsets) ELSE Limit

The Base factors can be calculated with the following formulas:

Blood Pumping = 1 + ({IF Blood Pumping < 1 THEN Blood Pumping ELSE 1} - 1) × 0.2
Breathing = 1 + ({IF Breathing < 1 THEN Breathing ELSE 1} - 1) × 0.2
Blood Filtration = 1 + ({IF Blood Filtration < 1 THEN Blood Filtration ELSE 1} - 1) × 0.1
Pain = IF (-0.45 × Pain + 1.05) < 1 THEN (-0.45 × Pain + 1.05) ELSE 1