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A dryad caste with huge claws that is specialized in aggression and damage-dealing attacks. Though it can do tremendous damage, it is vulnerable to attacks itself.
In general, dryads are mammal-like creatures that have a symbiotic relationship with the Gauranlen tree. They reproduce together with their tree, which contains a hidden dryad queen. Dryads can morph into various specialized castes.

Base Stats


Pawn Stats

Move Speed
4 c/s
Health Scale
Body Size
Mass - Baby
8.004 kg
Mass - Juvenile
20.01 kg
Mass - Adult
40.02 kg
Carrying Capacity
50 kg
Filth Rate
Life Expectancy
80 years
Manhunter Chance
Trainable Intelligence
Comfortable Temp Range
-50 °C – 50 °C (-58 °F – 122 °F)


Meat Yield
4 immature dryad meat

Melee Combat

Attack 1
Front left paw
18 dmg (Scratch)
80% AP
1.5 second cooldown
Stun for 320 ticks (5.33 secs) on first strike
Attack 2
Front right paw
18 dmg (Scratch)
80% AP
1.5 second cooldown
Stun for 320 ticks (5.33 secs) on first strike
Attack 3
9 dmg (Bite)
13 % AP
2 second cooldown
0.3 chance factor
Stun for 280 ticks (4.67 secs) on first strike
Attack 4
4 dmg (Blunt)
6 % AP
2 second cooldown
0.1 chance factor
Average DPS

Clawers are a caste of Dryads, a type of animal added by the Ideology DLC. Vulnerable but fearsome, the clawer specializes in damage dealing.


All dryads, including the clawer, are produced by a gauranlen tree. They have no need to eat, are immune to disease events, and have 100% Toxic Resistance, rendering them immune to Toxic fallout and Toxic buildup. Dryads cannot die from blood loss, so in practice will survive virtually any damage that doesn't immediately kill them. Dryads can retreat to a healing pod in order to regenerate wounds; this takes 3 days and heals all permanent injuries and bad conditions.


Thanks to the Melee Verb system, Clawers will only ever use their two best attacks, their front claws, unless they're missing body parts. This attack stuns for 5.33 seconds on first hit and has strong damage, with 80% armor penetration on a fast attack interval. If both claws are somehow destroyed, then they will resort to biting and headbutting.

  • Melee Attacks Damage Amount Cooldown Chance
    Cut 18 1.5 sec 100%
    Bite 9 2.0 sec 0%
    Blunt 4 2.0 sec 0%
  • In terms of overall DPS, Clawers are some of the strongest melee combatants in the game. They outstrip both the scyther and thrumbo, though the latter two can hit harder with individual attacks.


    Clawers are glass cannons, make no mistake. Having about 28% the health of a Grizzly bear, individual clawers are weak combatants. However, with a dedicated tank or swarm of other clawers, they'll put up an impressive (and quick) fight. A pack of four can take down a Thrumbo on their own and only receive a handful of hits in the process. Their excellent DPS and armor penetration helps against any foe.

    As far as combat animals go, clawers excel not only because of their combat capabilities, but also because they are arguably the most disposable pawn in the game. A leg shot off normally means a forever crippled warg, and a crushed jaw results in your bear no longer able to haul. Animals also take effort to train. All this is before considering that colonists can bond with them. While animals will bleed out, downed dryads can safely sit on the floor without risking death, and hop in a pod for 3 days to come out good as new. Even if killed, it will be replaced naturally by the tree after 13 days; 8 for the tree to grow, and 5 for the dryad to grow up.

    With the ability to take Go-juice or even Luciferium in a pinch and shrug off any unlucky side effects with a healing pod, clawers push their endurance to their limit, making them devastatingly effective forays into melee range. They have two main costs. A connected pawn gets a small -2 mood debuff per dryad death, but if the connected pawn tends to the dryad, then they can bond. The bigger drawback is that maintaining a gauranlen tree takes a significant amount of time to prune (using Plants skill) - possibly more than training animals. Overall, if you expect frequent combat and can play to their strengths, clawers can be extremely competitive combatants.


    This animal can be trained as follows:

    Guard:  Check.png
    Attack:  Check.png
    Rescue:  Ex.png
    Haul:  Ex.png

    *As of version 1.1.2610, all animals can be tamed. The percentage of likelihood of success depends on factors such as the Animals Wildness Percentage, Pawn Handling Skill, and others. More information can be found on the animals page.

    Clawers spawn fully trained in Guard and Attack and have no training decay.


    Body part Health
    Head 18
    Skull 18
    Brain 7
    Nose 7
    Neck 18
    Jaw 14
    Eye [1]
    (left, right)
    (left, right)
    Body 28
    (left, right)
    (left, right)
    Liver[2] 14
    Heart[2] 11
    Spine[2] 18
    Stomach[2] 14
    (left, right, fore, hind)
    (left, right, fore, hind)
    1. Located inside of Head.
    2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Located inside of Body.

    Version history[edit]

    • Ideology DLC Release - Added.
    • 1.3.3076 - Fix: Dryads are affected by disease incidents.
    • 1.3.3101 - Change: Dryad Healing Pods now remove all negative hediffs in addition to restoring lost body parts.