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Flammability is a stat: How easily an object catches fire and how strongly it burns. Its minimum allowed value is 0%. Its maximum allowed value is 500%. Its default value is 0%.

Pawns, including both humans and animals, generally have a base flammability of 70%. Mechanoids have a base flammability of 0%. The flammability of a pawn's apparel has no effect on the flammability of the wearer, it is only relevant when the apparel is in item form. Phoenix armor Content added by the Royalty DLC has the unique effect of reducing the flammability of its wearer by 68%.

For specifics on the process by which flammability affects the likelihood of being set on fire, see Flame.

Note that having a flammability of 0% only prevents the item/pawn/etc catching on fire, it does not prevent taking Flame damage. For example, while a stone wall will not be ignited by molotov cocktails, and won't continue to burn, it will take the 10 flame damage from the initial attack. Similarly, a pawn requires Armor - Heat to actually mitigate flame damage taken. Some things, such as the buildings found in mech clusters Content added by the Royalty DLC, have both a flammability of 0% and are immune to flame damage but these are separate effects.


For pawns, the order of operations is as follows:

FlammabilityPawn = (Base ValuePawnKind + Offsets) × Factors

For example, a pawn wearing Phoenix armor Content added by the Royalty DLC with the Fire resistant Content added by the Biotech DLC gene will have a final flammability value of:

FlammabilityPawn = (70% - 68%) × 0.1 = 0.2%


An item, structure or building can have different flammability depending on the material chosen to make it. Surprisingly items, structures and buildings made out of steel, silver and gold are flammable. However steel, silver and gold in item form are not.

  • Material Stuff category Flammability
    Bioferrite Content added by the Anomaly DLC Bioferrite, Metallic 0.75
    Alpaca wool Fabric 1.7
    Bison wool Fabric 1.7
    Cloth Fabric 1.2
    Devilstrand Fabric 0.4
    Hyperweave Fabric 0.4
    Megasloth wool Fabric 1.7
    Muffalo wool Fabric 1.7
    Sheep wool Fabric 1.7
    Synthread Fabric 0.7
    Bearskin Leathery 1
    Birdskin Leathery 1
    Bluefur Leathery 1
    Camelhide Leathery 1
    Chinchilla fur Leathery 1
    Dog leather Leathery 1
    Dread leather Content added by the Anomaly DLC Leathery 1
    Elephant leather Leathery 1
    Foxfur Leathery 1
    Guinea pig fur Leathery 1
    Heavy fur Leathery 1
    Human leather Leathery 1
    Lightleather Leathery 1
    Lizardskin Leathery 1
    Panthera fur Leathery 1
    Patchleather Leathery 1
    Pigskin Leathery 1
    Plainleather Leathery 1
    Rhinoceros leather Leathery 1
    Thrumbofur Leathery 1
    Wolfskin Leathery 1
    Gold Metallic 0.4
    Plasteel Metallic 0
    Silver Metallic 0.4
    Steel Metallic 0.4
    Uranium Metallic 0
    Granite blocks Stony 0
    Jade Stony 0
    Limestone blocks Stony 0
    Marble blocks Stony 0
    Sandstone blocks Stony 0
    Slate blocks Stony 0
    Wood Woody 1
  • Version history[edit]

    • 1.1.2598 - Reduce flesh pawn flammability 100% -> 75%. This makes them extinguish easier, fire grows slower, and rain puts them out now.
    • 1.3.3101 - Minified things now inherit their inner thing's flammability.