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Form a temporary wall by skipping rubble and soil up from deep under the ground.

Base Stats



Psylink Level
Psyfocus Cost
Neural Heat Gain
Casting Time
60 ticks (1 sec)
24.9 tiles
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Caster Must Be Capable of Violence

Wallraise is a level 4 psycast that creates a set of temporary walls in its area of effect.


There are two ways to acquire Wallraise:

  1. A randomly selected level 4 psycast is granted to the psycaster when they gain psylink level 4. Wallraise is one of the options that may be selected. Note that this occurs regardless of how the psylink level is gained.
  2. Wallraise can also be acquired from a psytrainer naming it. See the psytrainer page for further details.


<canTargetPawns>False</canTargetPawns> <canTargetLocations>True</canTargetLocations>


  • Wallraise creates a wall of rocks in a cross shape.
    • Creates impromptu cover for your shooters to shelter behind.
    • Use to create LOS blocker against rocket launchers that are about to fire. If you are quick you can even block the rockets mid-flight. Note the 60 ticks (1 sec) casting time, though it can be reduced by reducing Aiming Time.
    • Blocking access to doors and forcing different enemy pathing
    • Temporarily plug gaps made in animal pens during raider attacks (best used by positioning a rock wall adjacent to the gap, not directly in it, so that the pen is enclosed while still leaving the gap itself accessible for rebuilding).
    • Protecting Unstable power cells while in mech clusters from mortar fire, gunfire, and secondary explosions.
    • Casting Wallraise on fire will extinguish it and prevent it from spreading again, although it's strictly worse than Waterskip in that regard.
    • Walling in vulnerable pawns far from the base (requires two)

Version history[edit]

  • Royalty DLC Release - Added.
  • 1.1.2571 - Range reduced from 25 to 20, cost increased from 25 to 35.
  • 1.2.2719 - Added visual effect for wallraise rocks expiring.