Solar pinhole

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Solar pinhole

Solar pinhole

Generate a microscopic skipgate linked to the core of a nearby star. Solar material leaks through the pinprick in spacetime, illuminating and warming the surrounding area until it closes. The light is enough to work by, but not enough to grow plants.

Base Stats



Psylink Level
Psyfocus Cost
Casting Time
12 ticks (0.2 secs)
24.9 tiles
Effect Radius
14.9 tiles
Caster Must Be Capable of Violence

Solar pinhole is a level 1 psycast that creates a source of light and heat for a duration.


There are two ways to acquire Solar pinhole:

  1. A randomly selected level 1 psycast is granted to the psycaster when they gain psylink level 1. Solar pinhole is one of the options that may be selected. Note that this occurs regardless of how the psylink level is gained.
  2. Solar pinhole can also be acquired from a psytrainer naming it. See the psytrainer page for further details.



Solar pinhole can be used to warm rooms during a cold snap if you don't have enough heaters. Since solar pinholes are relatively inexpensive psyfocus-wise, multiple can be cast if needed.

Use it when mining deep underground to avoid the darkness work speed penalty without having to build long, temporary, and/or redundant infrastructure.

Also good for icesheet or other places where heat and light are hard to fuel pre-electricity. Getting lucky with the right random psycast can lessen a colony's dependence on geysers and allow more rapid and/or flexible expansion.

Very useful to deal with the threat of unnatural darkness,Content added by the Anomaly DLC to the extent that emergency go-juice doses should be considered if psyfocus is low.

Version history[edit]

  • 1.2.2719 - Added.
  • 1.4.3580 - Fix: Solar Pinhole cannot be created over non-edifice buildings.