Resurrector mech serum

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Resurrector mech serum

Resurrector mech serum

A one-use super-dose of mechanites tuned to resurrect the dead. Administered to a corpse soon after death, mechanites repair broken-down tissues and kickstart the body back to life. Unfortunately, the resurrected sometimes come back with brain damage, blindness, or progressive psychosis. Outcomes are better when the mechanites are administered to a fresher body. Well-preserved bodies can be resurrected, even long after death.

Base Stats

Exotic item
Tech Level
Market Value
1700 Silver
Stack Limit
0.2 kg
Deterioration Rate
Path Cost

The resurrector mech serum is an item found in quests that can resurrect any deceased human or animal.


Resurrector mech serums cannot be crafted nor bought from traders. Instead, they can only be acquired as a reward for performing quests or found in ancient shrines. Note that quest rewards are selected with a weighted random generator, so there is no way to guarantee access to a serum in a given play-through.

Anecdotally, it is often reported that the increased number of reward options added by the DLC dilute the reward pool with more options.


A resurrector mech serum can be used on any non-desiccated organic corpse, human or animal, even rotting ones. Select a colonist and right-click the serum, then click a valid target. They will use the serum on the corpse, returning it to life. This will restore missing organs and eliminate all health problems, except for brain injury and Luciferium addiction. Artificial body parts are not affected, and any pregnantContent added by the Biotech DLC deceased human or animal will retain their pregnancy when revived by the resurrector mech serum and their pregnancy will continue. Dead shamblersContent added by the Anomaly DLC will return to life as a living creature, not as a shambler.

Using the serum removes the "Tainted" tag from any clothing worn on the dead. Any eligible titleContent added by the Royalty DLC is immediately passed on to the heir, and won't be received even when revived.

Executed prisoners who are then resurrected will have the execute toggle deselected to prevent their immediate re-execution.

Resurrection ailments[edit]

Once revived, pawns will initially be incapacitated due to resurrection sickness. Besides this, they may suffer from permanent side effects. Possible side effects are:

The chances of these side effects increase with the time spent unfrozen since death. Freezing the dead pawn completely halts the progression of this time, but does not revert previously accrued time. For each of the above, the initial chance is 2%, increasing after 0.1 day of decay and linearly increasing to 80% after 5 days of decay. This chance is applied separately for each of the effects i.e. there is a 5.88% of at least one side effect even if immediately resurrected and a 99.2% chance after 5 days of decay.

Note the game tracks all time spent unfrozen; it may report that the body is still "Fresh" but that does not mean that it has not accrued decay. At 1 day, the chance of each effect would have risen to 16.33% while still reporting that the body is Fresh.

Time unfrozen
since death
Chance of
Each side effect Any side effect
0 Days 2% 5.88%
1 Days 16.33% 41.42%
2 Days 32.24% 68.9%
3 Days 48.16% 86.07%
4 Days 64.08% 95.37%
5+ Days 80% 99.2%


By destroying the head, the resurrector mech serum can be used to heal brain injuries. Extracting the skullContent added by the Ideology DLC will destroy the head safely and consistently. Without the Ideology DLC, you can eat the corpse. However, this is inconsistent and risks them consuming the corpse entirely. By intentionally killing a pawn, this can be used as a substitute for a healer mech serum, but always comes with the risk of resurrection psychosis, which is inevitably fatal unless a healer mech serum is used.

Using it on an enemy corpse will not convert them towards your side. They will remain hostile. However, since they return to life incapacitated, you can easily arrest and capture them. Using it on wild animal will not tame it.

Corpse preservation[edit]

Storing dead colonists in a freezer or other cold room will allow for resurrecting them long after death without higher risks of side effects, even if you do not have a serum at the time of death.

Colony pets may feed from the corpse of the intended body if within reach. Consider forbidding the corpse until you can control/micromanage what happens to it. Constructing a sarcophagus may be useful to protect it from animals, over-zealous butchers, or from being hauled from the freezer.

If preservation is vital, a dedicated freezer may be constructed. Ideally this freezer would have the minimum possible internal area, have a forbidden door and a two-thick wall, and be kept at the lowest practical temperature to ensure that it stays frozen during power outages and attacks. The forbidden door will also prevent accidents from being left open too long. If all the floor is occupied by buildings, then drop pod raids also cannot drop in there and upset the temperature control.

Version history[edit]

  • 0.18.1722 - Added as Resurrector mechanite superdose.
  • 1.1.2563 - Now removes royal titles,Content added by the Royalty DLC to prevent duplicating them.
  • 1.2.2719 - Fix: Colonists can lose their psylink Content added by the Royalty DLC entirely when being resurrected.
  • 1.3.3287 - Fix: Resurrector mech serum plays resurrection sound on item pickup, not on application.
  • 1.4.3523 - Fix: Resurrected executed prisoners retain the execute option and usually immediately get executed after being resurrected.