Chop wood

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Chop wood is used to mark trees or Saguaro cacti to be cut down, dropping wood in their place. It will only mark trees that have achieved at least 40% growth.

There are two variations:

  • Click Chop Wood then click one or more trees individually.
  • Click Chop Wood then click and drag to select multiple trees.

Trees marked in this way are marked with yellow shears.

Trees, even if they have not achieved 40% growth, can be harvested by using Cut Plant instead of Chop Wood. Trees marked in this way are marked with a yellow machete.

Trees bear an amount of wood based on their growth.

Only colonists assigned the plant cutting job will chop down trees. A colonist may be directly ordered to chop down a marked tree. Select a colonist assigned to plant cutting, right-click a marked tree, click Prioritize cutting. The time it takes a colonist to chop down a tree it determined by their Plant Work Speed.


  • Chop 3 tiles wide to help stop spread of fire early on near Growing area or something important