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Condition causers are structures that create a variety of effects on a given map tile or on the world map at large. They are generally associated with either Events, Quest or a Mechanoid cluster Content added by the Royalty DLC where they serve as both a threat and a call to action. The player must endure their effect until they are destroyed. In this way they are similar to psychic ships.

If the player can endure their effects, they can be left alone however some quests may require them to be killed with a time limit and some progressively get worse.

They can spawn on the map with the players colony, or in a settlement on the world map that must be caravaned to. In either case they will usually be guarded.

Building Type Image Health Description Effect Size
Psychic droner PsychicDroner.png 1,500 An archotech device transmitting the thoughts of a mad superintelligence. It generates a massive psychic drone tuned to one gender and affecting a whole region of the planet. People of that gender will be disturbed by the effect, reducing their mood and possibly driving them insane. The effect is modulated by an individual's psychic sensitivity. Creates a gender specific Psychic Drone 6 × 6
Toxic spewer ToxicSpewer.png 1,500 An ultratech weapon of mass destruction designed for area denial. This device harvests available compounds and converts them into self-reproducing poisons. By spewing these into the atmosphere, it can poison a whole region of the planet. Causes toxic fallout across the map and a radius of 3 hexes on the world map. 6 × 5
Smoke spewer SmokeSpewer.png 1,500 An ultratech weapon of mass destruction designed for area denial. By harvesting available compounds and converting them into self-reproducing opaque molecules, it can spew enough smoke to block the sun in a whole region of the planet. Prevents sunlight shining through during day. Affects the worldmap with a radius of 10. 6 × 5
Sun blocker SunBlocker.png 1,500 An ultratech machine that generates a sheet of exotic fields at high altitude, turning the sky opaque and blocking the sun. Blocks the sun akin to an eclipse. Affects the worldmap by 10 hexes. 6 × 4
Psychic suppressor PsychicSuppressor.png 1,500 An archotech device that generates a massive psychic suppression field tuned to a particular gender. People of that gender have their psychic activity suppressed, reducing their consciousness. The effect is modulated by an individual's psychic sensitivity. Inflicts upon a specific gender a reduction in consciousness and scaled to the pawns psychic sensitivity up to a maximum of 50% consciousness cap at 100% sensitivity. Does not scale beyond 100% sensitivity. Affects the worldmap by 10 hexes. 6 × 6
Weather controller WeatherController.png 1,500 An ultratech device for controlling weather. Using chemicals and exotic fields, it forces the weather into a particular configuration. Causes a local weather phenomenon on the local and world map within 10 hexes. 6 × 6
EMI dynamo EMIDynamo.png 1,500 A massive electromagnetic interference generator. It interferes with or shuts down electrical devices in nearby regions. Causes electrical equipment to malfunction akin to a solar flare. Affects a radius of 10 hexes on the worldmap. 6 × 4
Defoliator Defoliator.png 400 An area-denial device which annihilates nearby plants without affecting animals.
In planetary wars, these weapons are scattered across farmlands or jungles to deny the enemy food or cover. They're usually associated with orbital-drop mechanoid swarms.
Kills all plant life in a slowly expanding radius, affecting up to a 100 tile radius of the map.
Releases an EMP blast with a radius of 9 tiles when destroyed.
3 × 3
Climate adjuster ClimateAdjuster.png 1,500 An ultratech device for controlling climate. Using chemicals and exotic fields to manipulate the atmosphere, it shifts the temperature in this region of the world. Causes the Local and Map temperature to increase or decrease by 10 degrees, whichever would be more dangerous. 6 × 6

Version history[edit]

  • 1.2.2719 - Fix: Condition causer destroyed message sent whenever it was despawned instead of just when it was actually destroyed.
  • 1.2.2753 - Climate adjuster no longer will choose negative temperature offset for deserts nor positive offset for ice sheets (it will avoid being not dangerous).