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A spindly figure of desiccated skin stretched over an impossibly tall humanoid frame. The revenant's name comes from its pattern of returning to hypnotize new people each night.
Outlander folklore describes an invisible spectre that captures the minds of sinners, placing them in a living hell. In the story, the victims can only be returned to life by hunting the creature as it sleeps and killing it.
A hidden revenant can be revealed with disruptor flares, explosives, EMP, firefoam, or by being lit on fire.

Base Stats


Pawn Stats

Move Speed
3.2 c/s
Health Scale
Body Size
Mass - Baby
12 kg
Mass - Juvenile
30 kg
Mass - Adult
60 kg
Carrying Capacity
75 kg
Life Expectancy
1000 years
Trainable Intelligence
Comfortable Temp Range
-40 °C – 60 °C (-40 °F – 140 °F)
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Melee Combat

3 dmg (Blunt)
4 % AP
2 second cooldown
0.2 chance factor
Average DPS

The Revenant is an advanced entity added by the Anomaly DLC.


Revenants may spawn as an Entity event when a colony has at least four colonists. Be warned: temporary pawns do count towards the total. It will not spawn until this threshold is reached, even if all other advanced entities are already discovered and Void provocation is performed. A known entity will be summoned instead.

Alternatively, one can acquire a revenant spine from a Mysterious Cargo quest as a piece of cargo. The revenant will reform after some time, or when placed into containment. Note that immediately smashing the spine will not unlock the Revenant's codex entry. This quest does not respect the population requirement, but having fewer colonists seems to make it rarer.


The Revenant is an advanced entity hunting for colonists to hypnotize. It can also target prisoners, though it in unclear if it only does this when no valid colonist targets remain.[Detail]

Pawns that have been caught by a Revenant will be plagued by a condition called revenant hypnosis, which caps consciousness at 10%, leaving them downed indefinitely. After successfully hypnotizing a victim, the Revenant will flee and hide to hibernate, just to return eventually to find another victim. The revenant is linked to the colonists it hypnotizes, meaning the hypnotization will end when the Revenant is killed.[Only?] It is not limited only to the player's pawns, but is also capable of hypnotizing, prisoners, visiting guests and traders.

Can be revealed by:

  • Any damage, including by missed shots happening to hit the revenant.
  • Fire damage.
  • EMP damage.
  • Disruptor flares [Detail needed]
  • The waterskip and vertigo pulse psycasts.Content added by the Royalty DLC

Upon death, the revenant will dissolve and be replaced with a revenant spine, which will unlock the Revenant invisibility dark research project. It will also stain the ground around it with an oily looking black stain filth. The spine can be hauled like an item, carried to a holding platform to reform and resurrect the revenant, or can be crushed to kill the revenant permanently, which will yield a shard. Note that a spine will eventually reform into revenant if not destroyed.

If a revenant is damaged during its attack, it'll drop a revenant flesh chunk. Only one sample will drop per victim. The chunk can be studied to make it easier to track the revenant. The first chunk studied will provide make the trail of claw marks longer. The second will provide an even longer claw mark trail but also provide a warning letter when a pawn is near the revenant. The third sample provides the longest trail and reveals the revenant if a pawn gets close to it. Each revenant must be studied individually - the study progress and tracking benefits apply only to the revenant they droped from. A revenant that reforms from a spine mutates and is given a new designation and must be researched again.

Revenants have a psychic sensitivity of 200% and a toxic resistance of 100%.

They have a stagger duration factor of 0%, making them immune to stagger.

Note that despite nominally having a melee attack, revenants never uses it[Verify] and instead it either uses its hypnotise attack or runs away.


  • The revenant yields 4 bioferrite and 200W per day.
  • Min contianment strength 80
  • Base escape interval: MTB 45 days.
  • Studiable 120000
  • Advanced
  • 3 knowledge
  • requires holding platform
  • Requires monolith level 1 for study.


These entities are quite fast and turn invisible after getting some distance to the colonists, so catching and killing it poses a challenge for unprepared settlements. Especially spread-out settlements where Revenants can pick victims without anyone around can be crippled badly by it returning over and over again.

Fleeing or rather moving Revenants leave behind black scratches, which gives the player a chance to track their movement and get a sense of its whereabouts.

Additionally, hidden Revenants can be revealed with disruptor flares, explosives, EMP, or firefoam. Sometimes, damaging the specter will make it drop Revenant flesh which can be studied to better understand the creature, making it easier to find and track it down on the next encounter. The first studied chunk of flesh will cause the Revenant to leave tracks for a greater length of time after cloaking. The second will allow your colonists to hear it when they are nearby, represented by a message appearing at the top of the screen and the pawn gaining an exclamation mark over their head. The third studied chunk will allow your colonists to see through its invisibility, causing it to be revealed when they are close enough.

A Proximity detector is capable of detecting a hidden Revenant, but it will not reveal it. Still, it can be used to help narrow its hiding area.

Revenants hypnosis can be cured by the Unnatural Healing ability.

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