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This template pulls the data from each animal's individual page and formats it into a neat row summary. It is only intended for use on the List of animals page.

Usage: {{Animals/Row|*name*}}

The template takes a single parameter, the name of the animal being referenced, which must be the exact name of the animal's main page. The parameter defaults to "Wild boar" if not given - used for testing/preview.


Animal Type Wildness Min. Handling Skill Guard Attack Rescue Haul Diet Hunger Rate[1] Average DPS Move Speed Manhunter
Filth Rate[2] Meat Yield[3] Leather Yield[4] Market Value Life Expectancy (Years) Maturity Age (Years) Gestation Period (Days)[5] Nuzzle Interval (Hours)[6]
Yorkshire terrier Pet, Animals 0% 0 Check.png Check.png Ex.png Ex.png Meat Eggs Plants 0.48 1.09 3.1 0.02 0.0125 0 27 17 100 15 0.3 24 12

  1. Nutrition lost per day.
  2. The average amount of filth produced on constructed floors per 1000 cells walked.
  3. Amounts given are at 100% butchery efficiency.
  4. Amounts given are at 100% butchery efficiency.
  5. For egglayers, this is both the incubation period and the egg-laying interval.
  6. Mean time between nuzzles.