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A monolith of unknown age, purpose, and construction. Its smooth surface is etched with lines that twist and writhe in unsettling patterns.

Base Stats


The void monolith is a structure that is the center point of the Anomaly DLC. It is used to enable in encounters with most entities.


The monolith appears on all new colony maps by default. If you have selected the "Ambient Horror" mode of the storyteller settings, the monolith will not be available.

If you choose the Anomaly starting scenario, the monolith will spawn right next to your crash landing spot, instead of its usual and distanced spot, allows you form a base around it easier.

If the monolith is enabled in storyteller settings, but there are no monolith on your maps for any reason (like move to a new map or add the DLC in the middle of another playthrough), you will receive a "Strange Signal" quest, which will spawn a monolith on your map when you accept it. The monolith's spawn point is random, and it may destroy existing structures when it arrives.


The monolith is the first entity that the player will encounter. Initially dormant, the monolith goes through these stages of development:

Anomaly stage Monolith Size Level Effect Advancement
Inactive Fallen monolith
Void monolith.png
3×3 Encounter minimum amount of Anomaly incidents, includes shambler assault, psychic ritual siege, and creepjoiner arrival Investigate the monolith with a colonist, and choose to "Keep focusing" when you receive the warning dialog
Stirring Void monolith
Void monolith level 1.png
5×3 Level 1: Intermittent psychic humming Encounter a mix of basic and easier advanced entities. You will immediately experience a gray pall event, followed shortly by a sightstealer attack and a harbinger tree sprout Encounter 7 basic entities (out of 8), and have a colonist attune to the monolith again when you are ready
Waking Void monolith
Void monolith level 2.png
5×5 Level 2: Pulsing with psychic energy All entity encounters possible, including the more-dangerous advanced entities Encounter 12 advanced entities (out of 17), and have a colonist attune to the monolith again when you are ready
VoidAwakened Void monolith
Void monolith level 3.png
5×5 Level 3: Awakening The monolith is awakening for the end of the quest Active total 5 void structures and wait until the monolith awaken
Gleaming Void monolith
Void monolith level 4.png
5×5 Level 4: Awakened The monolith is awakened and opens a portal to the metal hell, leading to the end of the quest Enter the metal hell and interact the void node, reaching the chosen ending
Embraced Void monolith
Void monolith level 3.png
5×5 Level 4: Awakened The monolith is awakened as the pawn has embraced the void, dangerous Anomaly events will continue to occur
Disrupted Collapsed monolith
Void monolith collapsed.png
3×3 Random Anomaly events return to the same level as before it was awoken

These stages are saved in the world; losing the monolith and getting the "Strange Signal" quest spawns a monolith of the same level.

The monolith must be attuned or investigated after each step to advance, allowing you to decide when to progress. If you chose the Anomaly starting scenario, the monolith will automatically move to Level 1 on its own a few days after you begin the game.

The monolith can be studied every two days as a source of either basic or advanced Anomaly tech tree research points.

The monolith provides total cover (like a wall), and it is invulnerable to all damage and fire. Raiders will ignore the monolith. When the monolith expands in size, it will uninstall, deconstruct or destroy any structures in the way.

Depending on which path you select during the Anomaly ending quest, the monolith will either be permanently closed or permanently locked at level 4. In either case, it can still be studied indefinitely for advanced research points.


The monolith is your only permanent source of Anomaly research points, it is important to study it as soon as possible after each two-day cooldown. Studying the monolith is done through the "Dark Study" job on the Work tab.

The monolith cannot be moved, so its position should be taken into consideration when planning your base. If you are unable to directly build around or near the monolith, it is advised to create a safe and lit path from your colony to the monolith so colonists can safely study it and interact with it if necessary, especially during events such as unnatural darkness.

Version history[edit]

  • Anomaly DLC Release - Added.
  • 1.5.4081 — Ambient Horror mode, and monoliths spawned via the dev commands now work correctly