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Previous Version: Version/1.4.3541
Released on: 8 November 2022
Next Version: Version/1.4.3555
Released on: 22 November 2022

Released on: 9 November 2022

Version 1.4.3542 is up now on the unstable (and now stable) branch!

  • Updated name-in-game content.
  • Fix: Quest lodgers can do the "give up and exit" mental break.
  • Fix: Missing ideology check when drawing dietary type stat.
  • Fix: Certainty bar doesn't display for games where Ideology has been enabled after the game was started.
  • Fix: Coagulate can still be queued if hemogen is below casting cost.
  • Fix: Can destroy wastepacks on temp tiles to avoid relationship penalty loss.
  • Fix: Destroyed pawns can cause issues with deathrest building inspect strings.
  • Fix: Mechs summoned from mech drop beacons don't spawn in mech pods.
  • Fix: Dialog_MessageBox doesn't call Event.current.Use() in OnCancelKeyPressed() and OnAcceptKeyPressed().
  • Fix: Paramedic mechs can't carry pawns while jumping.
  • Fix: Unable to properly translate boss group apparel wave descriptions