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You can use this to mark a page as safe to delete. You should go through a series of checks before marking any page as safe to delete.

Before usage[edit]

  1. Double check the pages What Links Here page
  2. Double check the pages Recent Changes or History Page
  3. Make sure that no other pages link to it's page
  4. Make sure that it is categorized correctly as a page that should be deleted


If there is discussion on the page that has been marked for deletion, and the deletion is in question, you can remove this notice by deleting the following code in the #Usage section of this documentation.

Remember: Only remove the notice if there is any doubt whether the page in question should be deleted.


Place the following code snippet at the top of the page that you wish to mark for deletion, before any other text on the page. Be sure to add the "noinclude" tags.

   {{Safe to delete}}

Sample output[edit]