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Cassandra Classic

Cassandra Classic

Cassandra creates story events on a steadily-increasing curve of challenge and tension.

Base Stats

AI Storytellers

Cassandra Classic is the default storyteller. In the beginning, Cassandra will always send a single mad animal, followed by a single raider. The single raider will appear on Day 5 hour 15 unless a different minor event appears at that exact time. In that case, the single raider will appear the following day. Challenges remain consistent, ramping up in difficulty as you progress, but with breaks every 1-2 raids.


Many players find Cassandra to be more difficult than Randy, since her raids are consistent and more frequent (on average). While Randy is often quiet for months or even years at a time, Cassandra is forced to send major threats on a semi-regular basis. At the same time, players can take advantage of her hardcoded breaks. When playing with Randy, a raid can happen at any time, so players can never be 100% secure.

In addition, Randy could send multiple 1.5x size raids back-to-back, potentially creating situations that are harder than what Cassandra can possibly dish out.

Code specifics[edit]

Major Threats

Cassandra's cycle begins on day 11. Cassandra begins in her 4.6 day "On" phase. During the "On" phase, there is a 50-50 chance either 1 or 2 major threats will be sent. There will be at least 1.9 days between major threats. Cassandra alternates between 4.6 day "On" phases and 6 day "Off" phases. The dates of these phases are always the same. Cassandra always begins the first "On" phase on day 11 and the first "Off" phase begins on day 15.6. Rimworld days begin at hour 6. Day 15.6 is on day 15 hour 20.

Cassandra averages about 8.5 major threats sent per Rimworld year.

These On and Off cycles are the same after saving and reloading the game, on multiple map tiles, and when changing storytellers.

On Cycle Start On Cycle End
11 15.6
21.6 26.2
32.2 36.8
42.8 47.4
53.4 58
Previous +10.6 Previous +10.6

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