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In RimWorld, colonists can traded with passing trade vessels to sell extra resources and people , and/or buy supplies and slaves.

During the light season, trading vessels will often pass in comms range during a limited time. A message will show up to announce what kind of vessel is in comms range, and a simple notice will tell when the trading vessel is out of comms range (unavailable to trade anymore).

To enable trading, a colony must have at least a powered Comms console. Any colonist can be selected and ordered to engage trading with available vessels by right-clicking on the Comms console. After selecting the trading vessel, the trade screen opens.

This screen is divided between three tabs: Commodities, People and Weapons. Commodities allows the trading of resources , People allows to sell Prisoners and buy slaves, and Weapons allows to trade carried weapons.

A Comms console allows to contact a trade vessel and sell resources, people and weapon. In order to buy from a trader, a colony needs a Landing area. Bought items and people will arrive by landing pod inside this area.

Trade tips

  • Each trade vessel type has a different range of available commodities, people and weapons. Use the table below to spot the good bargains.
  • The more the Social skill of the colonist using the Comms console, the less will be the buying prices of everything but the Commodities.
  • Likewise, the more the Social skill of the colonist using the Comms console, the more will be the selling prices of everything but the Commodities.
  • Selling a prisoner is profitable, but has a negative love impact on all the other colonists.
  • As of build 213, food can be very quickly grown on Hydroponics table, which makes it a profitable cash cow provided there's enough manpower to tend to the ever-growing crops.
Trade vessels summary
Food Metal Medikit Uranium Shells Missiles People Weapons
Buy Sell Buy Sell Buy Sell Buy Sell Buy Sell Buy Sell Buy Sell Buy Sell
Farming vessel $8 $5 $20 $10 $80 $40 $40 $20
Industrial trader $10 $8 $8 $5 $40 $30 $15 $10
Slave trader $20 $10 $10 $8 $80 $40 $8 $5 $75 $50
Combat supplier $20 $10 $10 $8 $80 $40 $20 $15 $8 $5 $75 $50

Buy = Buy from the trader

Sell = Sell to the trader