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Insectoids are insect-like creatures.

  • Megascarabs habit on desert and extreme desert maps together with other animals, and are non-hostile unless harmed.
  • All varieties may spawn from hives after an infestation appears. These, will protect their hive by attacking any humans that ventures too close but keep to themselves otherwise.
  • Insectoids may also be found in Ancient structures and within ancient crypto sleep caskets as well. Since the Ancient structures are usually under a mountain, Infestations can take place within as separate events.


"A large, genetically-engineered beetle. Once the worker caste of an artifical[sic] ecosystem of insectoids designed to fight mechanoid invasions, it is now often seen without its deadlier insectoid cousins. Still, its size and hard shell make it dangerous when it attacks. A eusocial creature, it cannot reproduce individually."



"Not actually a spider, the megaspider is a genetically-engineered giant insectoid the size of a bear. Designed for heavy work and combat, its thick chitinous armor makes it hard to kill, while its long ripper-blades make it deadly at close quarters. It is, however, quite slow in open terrain."



"A medium-sized bioengineered insectoid the size of a sheep. The spelopede is the middle caste of a hive, taking care of most work tasks as well as fighting with its digging claws. It's dangerous in combat, but slow on open ground."

Insectoids from Infestations may trigger old deadfall traps, placed earlier (years ago) when opening their Ancient structure and rush towards a unique random direction up to 100 tiles away in a single horde and then return when no hostile was found. It's best to let them retreat before striking again, to prevent them from rushing through the whole map as any tile they use to sleep will reset their range until they get back to their hives.

Insectoids from Infestation rushed up to 100 tiles after triggering old deadfall trap