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Previous Version: Version/1.4.3613
Released on: 19 January 2023
Next Version: Version/1.4.3682
Released on: 29 March 2023

Released on: 16 February 2023

Hi again, just dropping by with another small update. We addressed some issues with Biotech and fixed a UI scaling issue that occurred when players had DSR enabled. (UI was way too big!). The changelog is below for you to read.

The update is small and should be compatible with all RimWorld savegames and mods.

Just a reminder that you can share any bugs you find and even help us test builds on our official RimWorld Development Discord! Our community helps us a ton with getting these updates and fixes out quickly. :D

Until next time! - Tia


  • Betrayal quests now fail once all the surviving refugees have joined your faction instead of just any.
  • Don't display owner types for cribs since cribs don't have their owner types changed as the room changes.
  • Updated name-in-game content.
  • Colonists can now put unadopted babies born to prisoners in cribs.
  • Moved speech letter translation keys to Core from Royalty.
  • Allow rescuing babies, even if they are from a hostile faction, without having to adopt them first.
  • Ageless gene stops aging progress at 18.5 instead of 18.
  • Unassign beds from pawns that have grown too large to fit in them.
  • Added an alert for babies from other factions which have no local caregivers and can be adopted.
  • Moved some speech-related translation keys from Royalty to Core.


  • Fix: Recommended screen resolution incorrect when using DSR.
  • Fix: UI scale resetting to higher numbers for monitors with height below expected values. (eg 1280x720)
  • Fix: If a child goes through a growth moment expecting passion increase choices, but there are no available passions, the UI will lock.
  • Fix: Errors when trying to bring a baby to a mom inside a container to breastfeed.
  • Fix: Colonist in labor letter doesn't have look target set.
  • Fix: Error on releasing space refugee prisoners.
  • Fix: Pawns considered free when using shuttle/pods, causing "Relic lost" thought if equipped.
  • Fix: Generated immediate family relationships unable to generate.
  • Fix: Fabricors not making medicine.
  • Fix: Paramedics not fighting fires automatically.
  • Fix: Apparel that can be made of any non-smeltable stuff does not show up on the smelting bill UI. (Eg plate armor)
  • Fix: Permits not reset when royal pawn dies, has title inherited, then is resurrected.
  • Fix: Psychic suppression targeted by healer mech serum.
  • Fix: Mech global work speed is affected by darkness. Inconsistent with move speed.
  • Fix: Error when non-human pawn reaches growth moment age.
  • Fix: Exception when trying to get mech with no energy need for tooltip in niche circumstances.
  • Fix: Inactive sterile gene affects fertility.
  • Fix: Gauranlen and polux seeds can be planted on hydroponics basins and plant pots.
  • Fix: Beard and genes offset incorrectly based on rotation in some situations.
  • Fix: Growth stat appearing on humans.
  • Fix: Lancer shoulder parts labels inconsistent.
  • Fix typo "crytosleep".
  • Fix: Typo in config error when pawn kind appears in more than one BossDef.
  • Fix typo: "means that so"
  • Fix typo "forth body ring".