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Previous Version: Version/1.4.3529
Released on: 27 October 2022
Next Version: Version/1.4.3531
Released on: 29 October 2022

Released on: 28 October 2022

Released October 28, 2022

Version 1.4.3530 is up now on the unstable (and now stable) branch!

  • Added a toggle to the hemogen gizmo which allows configuration of whether or not a pawn can ingest hemogen packs to satisfy the desired hemogen level.
  • Reduce growth points of generated children by ~25%.
  • Fertility stat is no longer capped at 100%.
  • Deathrest buildings drain hemogen enough to empty over the course of 10 days of deathrest.
  • "Genes regrowing" hediff from gene extraction lasts 12-20 days. (Down from 25)
  • Gene extractor takes 12 hours to extract genes. (Down from 24)
  • Don't display pick up options for drugs that the pawn will drop immediately anyways.
  • Re-cache CachedTextures on ResetStaticData() calls.
  • Remove addictions when adding chemical dependency genes.
  • Minor adjustments to pigskin and impid pawn kinds. Force them to use faction xenotype set.
  • Babies that have fallen asleep in someone's arms no longer immediately wake up.
  • Fix: With toxic fallout active, inspecting items from trade ships causes errors.
  • Fix: Children gain growth points in cryptosleep.
  • Fix: Errors if bossgroups are called with the mechanoid faction disabled.
  • Fix: Comms console diabolus threat cannot be called by mechanitors if mech faction is disabled.
  • Fix: Paramedic not counted as doctor in solo mechanitor run.
  • Fix: Archonexus quest allows taking mechanoid weapons with you to a new colony.
  • Fix: Psychically bonded pawns in the same caravan still get "psychic bond distance" mood malus in some circumstances.
  • Fix: Removing passion-adding genes doesn't revert effect.
  • Fix: Update steel tile description to match them having 0 beauty.