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Templates I created[edit]

Table templates[edit]

Formatting templates[edit]




Trading calculations[edit]

The following pages provide an overview of the most profitable ways of selling a certain type of material:

To Do:

  • Check if profitability border really doesn't depend on material value.
  • Consider the 60% selling and 140% buying multipliers? --> No. Trade Price Improvement including the standard 60% selling and 140% buying multipliers don't change the relative profitability.
  • Excel probably rounds 2.5 up. Market value states, that it should be rounded down.
  • Example calculations
  • Overview tables

Test Pages[edit]



  • Trading value table
    • Should silver/work and silver/material columns include the general selling multiplier of 0.6? --> No, it's only supposed to show relative profitability
    • Improve the comprehensibility of the table.
    • Delete the test pages.


  • Create a table for level 20 skill to calculate the profit for trading.

Properties that would be helpful if they were defined on each page[edit]

Issues I stumbled upon and couldn't solve[edit]

  • mw-collapsible in combination with a caption seems to remove the colour from the top row of a table

Another message from Harakoni[edit]

Sorry to intrude, another one on your user page because you can't see code on your talk page. (You can feel free to delete the above one btw)

Wait so after all the production to fix tool cabinet to this

We could have just done this?

That is kinda frustrating - Harakoni (Wiki Moderator) (talk) 12:18, 4 December 2022 (UTC)

@User:Harakoni, I just noticed: the second solution doesn't set the number of columns automatically depending on how many fit on the screen. --Ickputzdirwech (talk) 00:53, 14 December 2022 (UTC)

Another really nice way to make automated lists:

<ul><li>{{#ask: [[Name::~*spot]]
 | format = template
 | template = DLC Icons
 | link = none
 | sep = </li><li>