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Hi! I made this account to fix a few issues I saw on the wiki and ended up getting dragged in deeper than I expected, especially when stuck at home during COVID-19 quarantine.

Things I'd like to work on in the future[edit]

  • Improve the Ailments article, potentially with formatting or by splitting out ailments into their own pages
  • Kill Template:Define. As is it's overly clever and relies on numerous levels of templates, all of which rely on up to 5 positional parameters. I'd like to replace all uses with Template:Infobox main
  • Update the CSS for .infobox to switch from 250px to 350px. Its too cramped right now. I need access to Mediawiki:common.css though, which I don't have.
  • Adding more SMW based tables comparing different objects, like the lovely one we have for ranged weapons
  • Document more templates! I didn't realize how this worked for the longest time and it'd be good to do this more.
  • Fix the nonsense that is Property:Insulation_Factor_-_Cold vs. Property:Insulation_-_Cold_Factor

Things I'm working on now[edit]

  • Using my newly created Template:Market Value to properly render the rounded market value based on the rules given in Market Value. Still a few places where it isn't applied.
  • Removing confusing uses of buy= and sell= from Template:Infobox main. I've gotten a few but I'm sure there are more. Mostly I'm trying to clarify between marketvalue= and resources to make= params.
  • Standardizing uses of work to make= on Template:Infobox main. There used to be a lot of mixing between ticks vs. seconds, so I've tried to standardize on ticks. I may change the display format later, since in-game it shows as "work" (seconds).

Things that are (mostly) finished[edit]

  • Updating Template:Ticks to render in seconds or minutes depending on the value provided
  • Cleaning up all the obsolete leather types so they don't define properties
  • Fixing up insulation values and explaining what they actually do for clothing