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You can use the Needs Re-coded template to mark a page for future re-code. This will help developers have a high level overview of what templates, pages, and the like are to be re-coded and brought up to industry standards.


Place the following code snippet at the top of the page needing re-coded, before any other text on the page. Be sure to add the "noinclude" tags to make sure it doesn't break anything!



  • reason Why and/or what exactly should be recoded.
  • section Set this parameter to any value if you want to specify that only one section should be recoded.
  • nocat Setting this parameter to true prevents the page to be added to the Category:Pages to be recoded. This is useful on pages like this where you just want to display the template.



Results in:

As you can see you should always provide a short reason or a description of what exactly should be recoded:

{{Recode|reason=The table is overly complicated}}

Results in:

If the page is used in a section, rather than the whole page:

{{Recode|section=1|reason=Very important ;)}}

Results in: